Population Mexico

Mexico now has more than 106 million inhabitants with about 25 million in the capital Mexico City alone. It is thus probably the most populous city in the world. The majority of the population (approximately 90%) is mestizo (white coloured and with Indian ancestry). The Indígenas (Indians or Native Americans) make up about 10% of the population. They stand on the lowest rung of the social ladder. The official language is Spanish, the native language of most Mexicans. Then there are a lot of people who speak an Indian language. There are more than 50 indigenous languages ​​spoken, including Nahuatl (the language the Aztecs spoke), Yucatan-Maya, Huichol, Mixteeks, Zapoteeks and Otomí.

Indians: In several areas we visit on this trip you will come into contact with the Indians. These descendants of the Mayans live according to their ancient traditions and often wear their colourful traditional costumes. The clothing of the Indian population is in different colours, made using weaving techniques, with patterns and embellishments. The clothing of the woman consists of the huipil (blouse, often with a beautiful embroidered neckline) and a refajo (skirt), together with a Faja (belt). Silver jewellery like earrings or necklaces complete the picture. Men also still dress traditionally in a camisa (shirt) with a Saco (short jacket) and pants underneath. The markets are very colourful, especially when Indians from different villages meet, such as San Cristobal de las Casas, for the different villages also have different costumes. The various Mayan peoples speak their own language and often can not understand each other. Mayan Indian peoples include the Tzotzil and the Tzeltzal.