Tipping Mexico

Employees working in restaurants and hotels earn little. You can ensure that their situation is a fraction eased by leaving a good tip. The directive is (at least if satisfactory service is provided) approximately € 0.50 per room per day gratuity for the staff of the hotels. For the drivers of the buses Shoestring hires the same amount applies, however, per person per day. It is handy to have a pot for tips managed by travellers in consultation with the tour leader. This pot can also be used to buy small snacks for the entire group while on the road. In eateries etc. you can leave a tip of 10% of the amount payable. Taxis, you do not tip. Generally, the price you pay for the ride is already significantly higher than what they normally charge the locals. The tour leader at the end also expects a tip, if she/he has done well. Our directive is € 1 per passenger per day.

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