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Country info Morocco

  • Background information
  • Culture Morocco
    The cultural differences between Europeans and Moroccans are so vast that one could write a book about them. Below you will find an overview of the most important points. Mor
  • Religion Morocco
    ‘La ilaha illa Allah. Muhammudu rasulu Allah.’ ‘There is nothing godly except God. Muhammad is his prophet.’ These words form the credo, the shahada -
  • Festivals Morocco
    Markets, dance, music and storytelling The weekly markets brighten daily life in Morocco. Many weekly markets are held in villages at the foot of the mountains, to enable th
  • Food and drinks Morocco
    Food: Places to eat can be found in all cities and larger villages. They vary from simple snack bars, often for local workers, to chic restaurants in the old palaces of the me
  • Tipping Morocco
    On the bills in expensive restaurants and bars, service and (luxury) taxes are included, but still a tip is expected. In cheap places, Moroccans do not give tips, but if you a
  • Weather and climate Morocco
    Climate: Morocco has various different climate zones. The Atlantic coast and the northerly hill country, in which Meknes and Fès are situated, enjoy a warm sea climate
  • Population Morocco
    Berbers and Arabs: Morocco has a population of an estimated 32 million. Forty per cent are Berbers who speak a Berber dialect as their mother tongue. The others speak Arabic.
  • Landscape Morocco
    Morocco is located in the northwestern corner of Africa. The African continent is separated from Europe by the Strait of Gibraltar. At the narrowest point, a mere 14km divides
  • Background Info Morocco
    Livelihoods Morocco is still very much an agricultural country, with almost half of the population depending on agriculture and livestock husbandry for a living. In the wester
  • Practical information
  • Arrival information Morocco
    It is wise to take it easy the first day you are in Morocco. Take time to acclimatize. The change of climate and culture can have quite an impact. Let the country and the atmo
  • Time differences Morocco
    Morocco operates on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). This means that throughout most of the year the time in Morocco is the same as in the UK. This is not the case during the summer period when it is 1 hour behind.
  • Money Morocco
    Money: The currency in Morocco is the Moroccan dirham (MAD). At the start of 2010, one euro was approx. 11,11 dirham. For the latest conversion rates, look at www.oanda.c
  • Luggage and clothing Morocco
    Bring a pair of well worn-in walking boots and a pair of flip-flops - that is all your feet will need. In the months of April to October, summer clothing and a sweater for coo
  • Electricity Morocco
    Morocco has 220 volt, 50-hertz alternating current. Power-cuts are rare. In the High Atlas, the Jbel Siroua and the Jbel Saghro some villages do not yet have power.
  • Safety Morocco
    Crime: Morocco is not an unsafe place per se and tourists are only sporadically affected by crime. Most people are honest, however, the average income is now less than one ten
  • Health Morocco
    Below is a general primer on health for all our trips to the Middle East (Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Syria and Jordan). If some attention is paid to hygiene and skin care, one sh
  • Information for people at home Morocco
    Make sure that people at home know in which country you are and how long you will be gone for; maybe you could let them know on which day you will be in touch with them. Makin
  • Photographs Morocco
    Not all types of camera batteries are easy to find, so make sure you bring batteries that will last the entire trip. Do not have your photographs printed in Morocco, as there are frequent complaints of inferior quality.
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