Luggage and clothing Morocco

Bring a pair of well worn-in walking boots and a pair of flip-flops - that is all your feet will need. In the months of April to October, summer clothing and a sweater for cool evenings will do perfectly. In the winter months (from December to February), evenings, nights and mornings can be cold, especially in the north, the mountains and the desert. When travelling in this period, take a warm jacket, rain gear and a fleece jacket. It is wise to bring a good pair of sunglasses from home, in Morocco these are expensive. Otherwise, remember the following: sun-tan lotion and after-sun lotion, disinfectant gel , toiletries, travel first-aid kit, hat or scarf, camera or video camera, (spare) camera batteries or film, penlight, pocket knife (do not put in hand luggage during the flight!), lighter, a small amount of snacks or sweets that are individually packed, alarm clock, towel, pen and paper, books, valid passport, sufficient cash, copies of passport and travel insurance (keep separately from the originals), air tickets, a travel insurance pass with the emergency number, diary with important addresses, travel guide. Please pack in a canvas bag or a backpack, not a hard suitcase, as those are inconvenient to transport. Bring, a small daypack or a shoulder bag for your daily hand luggage. To keep your cash and papers safe, take a money belt to wear underneath your clothes. In Morocco, women are not supposed to go out in showy clothes. Better to wear skirts and pants below the knee and shirts and t-shirts with (short) sleeves. For ladies, a hat or headscarf is also advisable, and it protects you against the sun. Following this dress code will keep you from attracting unwanted attention from Moroccan men. Outside the big cities, women are not supposed to walk around alone.