Culture Namibia

Try reading something about the local way of life beforehand then it is more likely that you will enjoy the journey.

You will certainly see beggars in the big cities. They ask for money, soap or pens. Sometimes for candy. Some beggars say exactly how much money they would like. By giving them money you do not solve their problems, rather they are thus dependent on this type of income. Shoestring also believe that giving money to children is a bad idea as their parents will then not send them to school. It is accepted to give to old or disabled people however. The reality behind every beggar is very different. A few indeed begs for his or her food, but most are forced to pay for their place in a house by this activity. In addition, in the cities beggars are increasingly addicted to alcohol and drugs. The best you can do is to give money to a reputable charity.
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