Food and drinks Namibia

Namibia has plenty of European food, especially English and German food. So do not be surprised if apple strudel, Brötchen or fish & chips appears on the menu. The tastiest eats are found in the German konditorei. You can have both Continental and English breakfast. Dinner often consists of different kinds of meat or fish. Fruit is expensive, because it is largely imported. The traditional food in Namibia is rich and diverse. Fish, rice, lamb and goat are often prepared in a "potjie". The Herero people prefer milk. The San often eat wild fruits, desert plants, nuts, bird eggs and lizards.

Non-alcoholic as well as alcoholic beverages are readily available in Namibia. The tap water is not drinkable everywhere, ask the tour leader for advice on this. Namibia is especially good for beers. Besides the local beers Mahango, tambourines and mushokolo there is also a delicious watermelon wine (mataku). The 'Windhoek Lager " must also be tried.
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