Luggage and clothing Nepal

Appropriate clothing is very highly valued in Nepal. Men should wear long trousers and a shirt , women should make sure that their shoulders are covered and they wear a skirt that at the very least covers the knees. Clothes and many other items are extremely cheap in Nepal, so it is better to pack too little than too much. Throughout the months of October, November, March, April and May you will need summer clothing for the day and warm clothing for the evening and night. The winter months in Nepal tend to bring cold evenings, nights and mornings, and frost is not uncommon. If it is misty, there can be a cold chill in the air for much of the day. A warm coat and jumper are invaluable in this situation. You should also bring a good pair of shoes and a pair of flip flops or sandals. A thin turtle-necked sweater with long sleeves is useful at sunset to protect against insect bites.

The evening before you go trekking you should fill up a backpack and then leave the rest of your luggage at the hotel in Pokhara/Kathmandu for your return.

The list below shows all that you need for a trek in Nepal, and whether the necessary equipment can be bought or rented in Pokhara / Kathmandu. This is indicated by a B (Buy), and / or R (Rent) next to the piece of equipment:

* Good, worn in, water-repellent or waterproof boots
* Good hiking socks
* Underwear
* Long underwear / thermal underwear
* Long pants B
* Shorts B
* Blouses, T-shirts B
* Warm sweater (fleece) B
* Wind Jack B / R
* Poncho / rainwear B / R
* Cap or hat against the sun B
* Hat / scarf / gloves against the cold B
* Sunglasses
* Take a set of passport photos. You will need this for your trekking permit and / or Chitwan National Park.
* Walking stick B / R
* Sleeping bag (with a protection factor of -5 degrees).Take your own liner if renting B / R
* Small backpack for daily use B
* Water bottle B
* Water purification drops (chlorine / iodine) B (drops)
* Flashlight with extra batteries B
* Small first aid kit
* Toiletries B
* Biodegradable soap / shampoo
* Toilet paper B
* Small emergency food stock B
* Padlock B
* Pen and paper
* Passport
* Sufficient Nepalese rupees in denominations of 100 and smaller.
Possibly a good book, binoculars, altimeter, photographic equipment, games.

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