Festivals Nicaragua

Holidays: Since Nicaragua is predominantly Christian, the Christian festivals like Christmas, Epiphany (January 6) and of course Easter are celebrated everywhere. Furthermore, the country has its own holidays.
Every village and town has its own patron saint, each with its own holiday. These festivals (fiestas Patronales) are often accompanied by various processions and mock battles, where the old Spanish conquistadores (conquerors) are ridiculed. The most famous of these holidays are held in honor of San Sebastian (January 20), Santiago (July 25), Santa Ana (Isla de Ometepe, July 26), Santo Domingo (Managua, August 1 to 10), Virgen La Merced ( Leon, 24 September) and San Jeronimo (Masaya, 30 September). Major holidays in Nicaragua are Independence Day on September 15 and Liberation Day on July 19th (the anniversary of the 1979 revolution).

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