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Our strong points

Great value for money 
For over a decade now Shoestring has offered fabulous travel experiences with amazing value at superbly affordable prices. See for yourself how we stack up favourably against other organisations like G Adventures and Intrepid Travel.

We are able to achieve this by employing energetic young people with a genuine passion for travel. They are eager to share their travel knowledge and experience and we can be sure that our service is second-to-none. Travelling in groups, although we leave lots of time for individual activity, is also more economical than travelling alone.

Your trip guaranteed 
With our group trips, as soon as we have reached the minimum number required, we guarantee that the trip will depart as scheduled. We understand how upsetting it would be if the tour you booked was cancelled. In the event that very few people book a tour, we may make adjustments such as using more local transport on some stretches (sometimes it makes more sense, for example, to buy a group rail ticket rather than to run a near-empty coach). Our tailor made holidays are not subject to minimum numbers and will always be guaranteed, once confirmed.

Convenient departure dates & small groups

Our group trips begin on weekends, or just before the weekend, so that you can make the most of the time you take off from work or studying. When we plan our departure dates, we also take school holidays and public holidays into account. Our groups can normally be anything up to 24 people in size but typically they are smaller than this which makes for more convenient travel. You can check in the dates and prices section to see who has currently booked onto a departure

Trustworthy agents and tour leaders

Shoestring has a wide network of thoroughly reliable local agents. They know their destinations inside-out. They know the most atmospheric hotels, the best restaurants and the most appealing bars and cafes. They know the culture, the history and the local etiquette of the destination. Furthermore, in the unlikely event of an emergency you can rest assured that they have access to many resources, including those of DER Touristik and REWE Group. Such things do happen, but statistically such an emergency is more likely to involve an emergency repatriation to deal with a problem at home. But, in any event, our agents know how to deal with such problems and would take excellent care of you. In addition, the English-speaking local tour leaders that we employ are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their destinations.

Active travellers 
The people who most enjoy our trips are active and adventurous in mind and spirit. People of all ages are very welcome to join our tours and enjoy discovering these beautiful places, appreciating exciting wildlife and spectacular scenery, local cultures and fascinating people. The most important thing is to have a flexible and open-minded approach. Every group is different, but a shared willingness to get involved is invariably what unifies travellers of all ages and from all walks of life!

Freedom and happiness 

We strive, wherever we can, to provide as much free time as possible. In cities and towns we do not include every meal in the price so you can make your own choice of restaurant or café. But we do, of course, include dinners around a campfire in the desert, barbecues whilst staying overnight in the outback etc. Free days can be spent entirely as you wish. You can ask your tour leader for advice or have them keep you busy with excursions if you wish; it is entirely up to you. And with our tailor made holidays the freedom and possibilities are naturally even greater!

Sustainable tourism is all about taking into account the environment, people, nature and culture. It is about preservation and improvement in order to make future travel viable. Shoestring concentrates on the sustainable nature of our trips whenever possible and tries to reduce the negative effects.

There are a number of examples of how we try to make our travel/trips sustainable. We make use, where possible, of small-scale accommodation and restaurants that are run by the local population. This benefits the local economies. We also make agreements on pay and working conditions of the people who work for us, together with our local agents.

No mandatory 'local payments'
Unlike some of our competitors, there is no mandatory 'local payment' to be made with Shoestring group tours. Our concept is to give you the freedom to decide yourself where to eat, which activities to join and not have this enforced upon you. Of course, on some trips, for example those camping trips in Africa, the group will always eat together at the camp site. In these cases, it makes sense that the tour leader collects a kitty for food and associated costs from the group.

Discounts for groups
If you book at least 6 people onto one of our group tours, you will receive a discount of € 25, - per person. The only condition is that all persons must be confirmed under the same booking number. This does not apply to any of our tailor made holidays.

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