Money Panama

The currency of Panama is the balboa (PAB), divided into 100 centavos. The value of the balbao is equal to the U.S. dollar. Panamanian and U.S. coins are used interchangeably. Panamanian money coins have the same weight and size as that of American coins, they just have a different image. Panama also has half-dollar coins, these half-dollars are designated as pesos. The currency in Panama is not stable. It is best to consult a financial newspaper one week before departure. On the internet you can look at

The hotels of the capital and larger cities accept credit cards, as do supermarkets and department stores. Make sure you have enough small bills with you, 50 or 100 notes balbao / dollar are not always accepted.

 We advise you to travel with your bankcard and U.S. Dollars. The safest way to stow money and documents during the journey is in a cotton money belt worn under the clothing.

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