Tipping Panama

Restaurant and hotel employees are not well paid. You may not have a ready solution for the country’s poverty, but the least you can do is to tip the ones working for you. The guideline is (provided you are satisfied with the service) about € 1 tip per room per day for hotel employees. The same amount goes for the bus drivers, hired by Shoestring, per person per day. A tip box is useful in this case, for which the passengers will take turns in administering, in consultation with the travel guide. Moreover, while the group is on the road, snacks can be purchased from this money. You do not need to tip taxi drivers. In general, the fare tourists are charged exceeds by far the amount locals pay. The travel guide also expects a tip by the end of the trip; provided she/he has done her/his job well. Our guideline is € 1 per passenger per day.

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