Luggage and clothing Peru

On this trip we will stay in high places. Bring along warm clothing, such as a fleece sweater or jacket. By day, it will be mostly sunny, so thin, cotton clothes and shorts are indispensable items. However, please note that for this trip extra warm clothes are a must, especially in the summer season (May – October) when temperatures may drop at night as low as -15°C. Gloves, bonnet and / or a scarf should be part of your packing items! Bringing too little clothing is better than bringing too much as you can buy anything you lack for next to nothing. An umbrella and a thin rain jacket might come in handy, the former protecting against both rain, and blazing sun. You need a good pair of worn-in hiking shoes, with good tread and a pair of flip-flops. Other important items are sunglasses, sun creams, toiletries, a first-aid kit, a hat/scarf, a (video) camera and sufficient film/videos and spare batteries, a torch, towel, a pen-knife, a lighter, an alarm clock, writing equipment, books, passport, sufficient travellers’ cheques and money, copies of your passport and travel insurance, a list of the numbers of your travellers’ cheques and receipt of purchase, your flight ticket, all relevant travel insurance details and emergency contact numbers and your holiday guide with the important addresses. We advise you bring along a weekend bag or backpack. A solid suitcase is inconvenient if you have to carry it yourself on and off trains etc. Also, bring along a small backpack or shoulder bag for hand luggage. A thin money belt, to be carried underneath your clothing, is also advised for storage of valuable documents. Take care to put some clean clothes in your hand luggage, in case your main luggage arrives later than you. For example, the pill and your toothbrush should be in your hand luggage. Check that your luggage is not too heavy.

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