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Those who opt to join one of our Peru tours will be signing up for some unforgettable impressions. Peru has culture in abundance. Ancient remains from the Inca time such as the city of Machu Picchu and the Spanish colonial architecture in Arequipa, Puno and Cuzco create indelible memories from your travels in Peru. Also, in terms of nature, the country is full of highlights. The Andes include snow-capped mountains of more than 6,000 meters in height and volcanoes offering beautiful vistas. Another area of outstanding natural beauty can be found at Lake Titicaca, the largest lake in South America.

The diversity of Peru soon becomes apparent while travelling. One minute you are walking through the tropical rainforest then the next moment you find yourself in the desert! In addition, travelling to Peru means travelling to a country with a colourful and impressive population. The authentic Indians have a fascinating history.

Perhaps the most famous landmark you visit during your group tour of Peru is the 'lost' city of Machu Picchu. This hidden city exists thanks to the fact that the Spanish conquerors never discovered this Inca city and therefore it has not been destroyed. The location of Machu Picchu is almost more spectacular than the mystical Inca ruins themselves. An absolute highlight of your Peru tour! The Nazca Lines are both wonderful and remarkable. These mysterious drawings in the sand are hundreds of years old and have an unclear history. They are a true mystery and incredibly impressive to see up close.

The city of Cuzco is reason enough to travel to Peru. This is probably the most beautiful city in South America. Spanish mansions, monasteries and churches sit on top of foundations of Inca ruins. You won't believe your eyes when you walk through the streets of this alluring city. You can explore on horseback and choose to take part in some great rafting.
If you are travelling to Peru then the city of Arequipa should not be missed. This 'white city' is located at the foot of the imposing Misti volcano. Here you will visit the Santa Catalina Monastery where you will have to navigate your way through a maze!.
Peru tours will provide unforgettable moments, both in terms of nature and culture - you will experience many highlights. Peru is simply fantastic!

Country info Peru

  • Background information
  • Culture Peru
    In Peru it is customary to start with a greeting and to inquire about someone’s well-being. You will often hear "Buenos dias, como esta? ". On meeting and part
  • Food and drinks Peru
    Food: In Peru, the main meal of the day is lunch (almuerzo). Breakfast (desayuno) tends to be light, even though the majority of hotels and restaurants serve desayuno American
  • Tipping Peru
    The basic pay of hotel and restaurant staff that make life agreeable along the way by cooking, making the beds, etc. is meagre at best. You may not have a ready solution for t
  • Weather and climate Peru
    Climate: There are two seasons: a dry season, running from May through September and a rainy season, between October and April. Although, it is only in January that the real r
  • Population Peru
    Peru has around 28 million inhabitants. The population of Peru is mainly a mixture of Indians and “mestizos” (descendants of Indias and Spaniards). In addition, th
  • Landscape Peru
    Peru offers a huge variety of cultural and geographical possibilities for the traveller. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Peru is Inca. The Inca civilizatio
  • Background Info Peru
    Peruvian architecture has two different styles: Spanish and Inca. Upon arrival in Peru, you will be amazed by the very typical Spanish architecture of the splendid buildings a
  • Practical information
  • Arrival information Peru
    Take it easy for the first day in Peru. Take the time to recover from the flight, get used to the different climate, culture and country. Let it slowly work its magic on you.
  • Time differences Peru
    The time in Peru is GMT - 7 hours.
  • Money Peru
    The amount of spending money suggested, is the minimum required to pay for your meals, drinks, optional excursions, entrance fees, local airport taxes and tips. The amount you
  • Luggage and clothing Peru
    On this trip we will stay in high places. Bring along warm clothing, such as a fleece sweater or jacket. By day, it will be mostly sunny, so thin, cotton clothes and shorts ar
  • Electricity Peru
    In Peru the electric energy is 220 volts but in many 4 and 5 star hotels you can find 110 volts too. Power cuts occur now and then. In that case, hotels usually produce cand
  • Safety Peru
    Theft does occur in the cities. A simple method to avoid pickpockets is to store money and important documents close to your body, ideally in a money belt. Have some pocket mo
  • Health Peru
    The following health information is a general text that applies to all our travellers in South America. Those who pay some attention to hygiene and skincare do not usually run
  • Information for people at home Peru
    Make sure that those at home know which country you are in and how long you are planning to stay away. You may fix a date when you will contact them again. Provide those picki
  • Photographs Peru
    Peru is an extremely photogenic country. Unfortunately, not everyone likes to be photographed. The photographing or (video) filming visitor should realize that they cannot int
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