Photographs Peru

Peru is an extremely photogenic country. Unfortunately, not everyone likes to be photographed. The photographing or (video) filming visitor should realize that they cannot intrude into people’s lives without being asked. Always ask permission first and respect any possible objections. Frequently, locals ask money for a snapshot and you’ll find out soon enough whether you are dealing with a ‘professional’; if you do not want to pay for a picture, you will have to find another subject. It is possible to buy film on the spot, but generally only in large towns. Make sure the film is not past the use-by date and is not stored in overly warm conditions. It is advisable to buy sufficient film/video prior to the trip and not to forget spare batteries. It is possible to develop and print your photograph in various places. Generally, the quality is acceptable, but do not take this for granted. Avoid leaving film or camera behind in a locked car as the fast rising temperatures can damage film quickly.

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