Population Peru

Peru has around 28 million inhabitants. The population of Peru is mainly a mixture of Indians and “mestizos” (descendants of Indias and Spaniards). In addition, there are some important communities as Chinese and Africans. The official language in Peru is Spanish, but there are communities, where the inhabitants still speak Quechua and Aymara. Life expectancy is 60 years for men, and 65 years for women, 10 years less than in most Western countries.
In Peru, and especially in Cuzco and the Colca canyon, you may see Peruvian women wearing traditional, colourful clothing and large, bright hats. Those living around Lake Titicaca often wear home-knitted hats. In this region, the men knit clothes, while chatting with friends and walking the streets. The women weave colourful cloths to carry their children and purchases on their backs.

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