Country info Russia

  • Background information
  • Culture Russia
    Baltic States + Russia: There is a close relation between food and hospitality in Russia. From the moment you visit a Russian home there will be food on the table. You ar
  • Religion Russia
    Baltic States + Russia: Russia has freedom of religion; in 1997 there was a law implemented that the Russian Orthodox Church was recognized as the leading religion and pr
  • Language Russia
    Baltic States + Russia: The official language of Russia is Russian. Russian is written in the Cyrillic writing. The influence of English is growing for example many resta
  • Festivals Russia
    Baltic States + Russia: The national holidays in Russia are: New Year (January 1), Christmas (January 7), International Women’s Day (March 8), International Labour
  • Food and drinks Russia
    Baltic States + Russia: You find diverse dining options, cafes and bars in the major cities of Russia. In most restaurants you can order Russian and European meals. Nowad
  • Tipping Russia
    Baltic States + Russia: In comparison with the average Russian we, Western people, are rich. That is why almost no one would deny a tip. If someone denies a tip leave som
  • Weather and climate Russia
    Baltic States + Russia: European Russia knows cold winters from November to March and warm summers. The in-between seasons are very short. St. Petersburg has an average n
  • Population Russia
    Baltic States + Russia: The Slavs are the largest population group of Russia (82% of the total population). Their Central European ancestors were the original settlers in
  • Landscape Russia
    Baltic States + Russia: Russia has a surface area of 17 million square kilometers; even after the Soviet Union fell apart it is the biggest land in the world. Russia stre
  • Background Info Russia
    Russia has a history which stretches back over a thousand years. It begins with the period of Russian sovereigns centred in Kiev. Bloody civil wars between various Russian rul
  • Practical information
  • Arrival information Russia
    Upon arrival, you can get Russian roubles from a cash machine. Take it easy on the first day in Russia, as the different culture and climate can be tricky to come to terms wit
  • Time differences Russia
    Baltic States + Russia: An outstretched land like Russia has multiple time zones. The time differences with Moscow and St. Petersburg relative to the UK is +3 hours. The
  • Money Russia
    Baltic States + Russia: The currency of Russia is the ruble (RUB). The amount of one euro is around 85 RUB (January 2016). There are coins of 1, 2, 5, 10 and 25 rubles an
  • Luggage and clothing Russia
    Baltic States + Russia: The luggage and clothing suggestions are dependent on the period you visit Russia and the Baltic States. In the summer it is important to bring an
  • Opening hoursRussia
    Baltic States + Russia: The majority of museums are open from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm during the entire week. Every museum has a day off and besides this; every museum is
  • Communication Russia
    Baltic States + Russia: To deliver post from St. Petersburg to Western Europe and vice versa takes around two weeks. If you send something valuable the chance is big your
  • Electricity Russia
    Baltic States + Russia: Russia has a mains voltage of 220 volts. In trains and some hotel bathrooms Russia has a mains voltage of 110 volts. Sockets are Standard European
  • Safety Russia
    Baltic States + Russia: On the streets in Russia it is safe. Always take your passport with the hotel registration stamp in it with you when you leave your hotel. In conn
  • Health Russia
    Anyone who has a good standard of hygiene should not encounter any health problems whilst on holiday. We include a few points to pay attention to. Drinking water: The quality
  • Other info Russia
    Baltic States + Russia: Customs regulations Before you pass the Russian customs you must fill in an arrival and departure registration form. This form will be stamped wh
  • Information for people at home Russia
    Ensure that those at home know in which country you are and how long you are planning to stay away. You may fix a date when you will contact them again. Making telephone calls
  • Photographs Russia
    Baltic States + Russia: The use of a camera or a video camera is usually allowed in museums and at sights but as a rule there should be an extra fee charged. The use of a
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