Food and drinks Russia

Baltic States + Russia: You find diverse dining options, cafes and bars in the major cities of Russia. In most restaurants you can order Russian and European meals. Nowadays you find fast food restaurants in Russia. Blini and oladi are well-known breakfast dishes, these are Russian pancakes filled with honey or sour cream. The most famous dish from the Russian cuisine is caviar. You find the world famous Russian vodka on the menu cards, per gram. 50 grams is equal to one glass and is served with an appetizer. Russian champagne is called Sjampanskoje and is available as a sweet and half sweet variant.

It is all about the potato in Lithuania. Zeppelini are balls made of grated potatoes which are filled with meat. Lithuania knows a ranging choice of potato pancakes. The most important spices in Latvia are dill and cumin. Cumin is added to bread, cheese and sauerkraut and a salad is never made without dill. Estonian people love blood sausage, venison and smoked ham. Beer is a favorite and affordable drink in all the Baltic States. Besides restaurants that serve traditional and local dishes you also find a large number of international restaurants in the Baltic States.