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Baltic States + Russia: Customs regulations
Before you pass the Russian customs you must fill in an arrival and departure registration form. This form will be stamped when you arrive at your hotel and you have to keep this form with you during the entire trip. When you leave Russia you have to fill in the departure form which you hand in to the customs officer together with the stamped arrival form. The import of fresh fruit and vegetables is prohibited just like drugs and weapons. In general importing a liter of spirits and 250 cigarettes is allowed. You can enter Russia with an unlimited amount of money. The export restrictions in Russia are considerably larger. Rubles may not be exported; although a handful of banknotes and coins as a souvenir are usually allowed. To export antiques, coins, musical instruments, precious metals, works of art, jewellery and books that have been issued before 1975 you have to request for permission at a branch of the Ministry of Culture in St. Petersburg.