Population Russia

Baltic States + Russia: The Slavs are the largest population group of Russia (82% of the total population). Their Central European ancestors were the original settlers in western Russia; now they live scattered throughout the country. There are about a hundred different nations each with its own language, dialects, culture, traditions and national costumes. The Tatars with about 5 million people constitute the largest group. The Aleutian, a fishing nation on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, are the smallest group consisting of less than 500 people. Throughout Russia live approximately 145.5 million inhabitants (117 million in the European part) of which 53% is women and 47% is men.

The population growth is low in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania; Latvia even knows a negative growth of 0.7 percent. The Baltic countries are all very sparsely populated. More than half of the inhabitants live in the cities. The contrast between urban and rural areas is very large.

Estonia has about 1.3 million inhabitants of which 68 percent is Estonian and 26 percent is Russian. In addition small groups of Ukrainians, Belarusians and Finns live in Estonia.

Latvia has 2 million inhabitants divided into 59 percent Latvians and 29 percent Russians. In addition Belarusians, Ukrainians, Poles and Lithuanians live in Latvia. The result is that half of the population is Russian or Russian speaking and even in the capital Riga and other cities you find more Russians than Latvians.

In Lithuania live about 3 million inhabitants. Of these, 80 percent are Lithuanians, 7 percent are Russians and 7 percent are Polish. There live also small groups of Belarusians and Lithuanians.

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