Safety Russia

Baltic States + Russia: On the streets in Russia it is safe. Always take your passport with the hotel registration stamp in it with you when you leave your hotel. In connection with the safety in the major cities you can be halted on the street by the Russian police. You will be asked then to show your passport with a registration stamp. You find a lot of security guards around shops and hotels. After the political and economic changes the crime rate increased rapidly in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Do not take a taxi alone at night and certainly do not step in an ordinary car with two or more people already in it. Close the compartment door with a latch when you are in the overnight train from Moscow to St. Petersburg. You can hide your valuables safe from theft in the lockers of the lower beds or in the luggage rack above the door of the compartment. Theft can occur especially in and near the subway or in a crowd. Do not allow yourself to be halted by gypsies begging at major subway stations. Look after your valuables in Russia just like when you are at home. Keep your passport, money and other travel documents safe with you in a money belt that you can wear under your clothes or leave them behind in the hotel safe. It is advisable to use a separate wallet for coins so you do not have to show large banknotes all the time. Yet Russia will definitely not be a country where you will feel unsafe.

Generally you do not have to feel unsafe in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Petty/minor crime does take place. It is therefore wise to watch your belongings, especially when you are at crowded places like markets and stations. You can better keep money and important papers on your body and make sure you do not have too much money with you. Keep photographic equipment in a purse or backpack and do not boast with your jewellery. Make copies of important travel documents like your passport, visas, flight tickets and insurance papers. You can also scan these documents and send it to your own e-mail address in any internet cafe.