Singles tours

With Shoestring we offer you not only the opportunity to discover the most exotic destinations of the world but for those who like to travel individually and still within the group concept, there are the single trips. Travelling in this way you learn about other countries and cultures, but you'll also find it easy to connect with your fellow travellers.

Compared to the other tours, the routes and conditions of the single trips are identical and the only difference is that there are no couples allowed to participate in these tours.

Will you choose to share with another traveller or do you prefer a guaranteed single room (at a supplement) during your trip? Both options are possible on single trips. It is also completely possible for you as a solo traveller to join our ‘regular’ tours, in which couples can participate. In that case you can opt for a private room with supplement or instead for a shared room basis with another person (of the same sex) who also travels individually.

About a quarter of all people who participate in Shoestring trips are travelling without a companion, so chances are that you will not be the only one within your group!

Thanks to the great popularity of single journeys, Shoestring is now able to offer them quite extensively. That means more destinations and a wider choice of departure dates are reserved specifically for solo travelers. A small sample of the large number of single travel destinations includes: Cuba, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Ecuador, China, India, Vietnam, Jordan, and the Maya Route. In short: from Africa to Central America and from the Far East and the Middle East to South America, Shoestring has the world covered for single travellers!

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