Singles tours

Our single tours become more and more popular! With Shoestring, we not only offer the opportunity to discover the most exotic destinations in the world but for those who like to travel individually and still within the group concept, there are the single tours. Travelling in this way you learn about other countries and cultures and can connect easily with your fellow, like-minded travellers.


Single tours for different ages

Travelling solo yet together; the definition of Shoestring single tours. Our single tours are organised according to age. By working with different age groups, you will always find yourself alongside peers. That is so much fun!

Single tours vs. group tours

Compared to our regular group tours, the routes and conditions of the single tours are identical, the only difference is that there are no couples allowed to participate in these tours, and that the single tours are age specific. If you fall just outside the age category but would like to join a single tour, we will make an exception to this rule. We will allow travellers who are a maximum of 1 year younger or 1 year older than the indicated age category of the tour. If the age difference is greater then a year then if you travel together with someone who does belong to the targetted group, we often will make an exception for you.
Solo travellers can also join our regular group tours, in which couples can also participate. More than a third of all participants in Shoestring tours are travelling without a partner, so chances are that you will not be the only one!

Room share or prefer a single room?

Are you happy to book a shared room or do you prefer a guaranteed single room at a supplement? Both options are possible with our single tours. The single room supplement varies per tour. You can check the amount by checking the 'Dates and prices' tab of any given tour and scrolling to the bottom of the page.