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Country info South Africa

  • Background information
  • Culture South Africa
    Try to read something about the local way of life before departure. That way you will not be too surprised about the primitive circumstances in which people sometimes live. It
  • Religion South Africa
    Over three quarters of the population claim to be religious. Religion in South Africa varies from local religions to Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. A quarter of the popul
  • Festivals South Africa
    Music Music plays a central role in the life of the black population. Traditional African music serves to feed the ties amongst each other and expresses the inner life force
  • Food and drinks South Africa
    Eating: Most meals are not included in the travel fee. In the cities and towns you have a good choice of restaurants and cafes. It is expected, when camping, that travellers t
  • Tipping South Africa
    Restaurant and hotel workers do not earn much money. You cannot put an end to poverty in the country, but you can make sure that those who work for you receive a decent tip. O
  • Weather and climate South Africa
    Climate: Generally, South Africa is mild and sunny. The country has the highest amount of sun hours in the world. However, the temperatures are rarely very high because three
  • Population South Africa
    The population in South Africa is very diverse. There are 43 million people: 33 million are black, 5 million are white, 4 million, coloured and 1 million are from Indian desce
  • Landscape South Africa
    The Republic of South Africa is the southern-most country on the African mainland between the 22nd and the 35th southern latitude. The Indian Ocean is on the East coast. The A
  • Practical information
  • Arrival information South Africa
    On your first day in Africa, take it easy. Take time to acclimatise. The change of climate and culture can be quite difficult. Get used to the country at your leisure, relax and enjoy Southern Africa.
  • Time differences South Africa
    There is only a small time difference with South Africa being 1 hour ahead of western Europa or 2 hours ahead of the UK.
  • Money South Africa
    The amount of pocket money we advise you to take is the minimum amount to pay for your meals, drinks, optional excursions and tips. Of course, what you end up spending depends
  • Luggage and clothing South Africa
    A big part of this tour will take you through desert where the climate is harsh. Nights here can be very cold and days can be extremely hot during winter months. Bring thin cl
  • Electricity South Africa
    Wall plugs supply 220 Volt, 50-hertz alternating current. For sockets, a universal plug is needed. You can buy one in most locations. The tour guide will offer you the possibi
  • Safety South Africa
    Crime: In the big cities (like Durban and Pretoria) there are a lot of street robberies at night. Do not walk the streets alone after sunset. In the daytime, some care should
  • Health South Africa
    Those who travel in southern Africa with hygiene and skin care in mind are unlikely to encounter any health problems. Below are some issues that should be considered: Food an
  • Information for people at home South Africa
    Make sure that those at home know in which country you are and how long you are planning to stay away. Fix a date when you will contact them again. Provide those picking you u
  • Photographs South Africa
    To photograph game we advise you use a telephoto lens of 200-300 mm. Never leave film or camera in a locked truck. The rapidly advancing temperature can harm the quality of ph
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