Food and drinks South Africa

Eating: Most meals are not included in the travel fee. In the cities and towns you have a good choice of restaurants and cafes. It is expected, when camping, that travellers take their turn in helping to do the groceries, cutting the vegetables, laying the table and doing the dishes. The food in South Africa is not very different from what we are used to in Western Europe. South Africans are real meat eaters; steaks are very good and inexpensive here. There is a large variety of fresh fish. There are a lot of restaurants that offer specialities from another country, so you can eat Indian, Portuguese, and Chinese etc. Fruit is abundant and can be bought at low prices. In some places, you’ll be served a local meal. For instance, in Mlilwane Game reserve you can expect a delicious Braai of gnu-sausage, warthog steak and antelope. It is definitely worth trying a Cape Malaysian meal as well. ‘Boboti’ is a delightful mix of Indian spices, rice and meat.

Drinking: You should drink a lot of liquids in South Africa. You can drink straight from the tap in most places, except Swaziland. Mineral water is widely available. Soft drinks like Coca Cola and Fanta are cheap and like tea and coffee, are on sale everywhere. We can really recommend South African wines, Sherries and brandies. These are among the best in the world. If you like wine, we definitely advise you to taste a glass or two of South African wine.

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