Luggage and clothing South Africa

A big part of this tour will take you through desert where the climate is harsh. Nights here can be very cold and days can be extremely hot during winter months. Bring thin clothes and a high-necked long-sleeved T-shirt or a thin cotton roll-neck jersey for the nights to protect you against mosquitoes. Also, bring a jersey or a sweater and a raincoat. An umbrella is of good use against the rain as well as the fierce sun. A pair of worn-in walking shoes with a good tread and strong soles is important. Acacia thorns can easily perforate soft soles. Sandals or slippers are comfortable footwear on days we are not walking. Other important items are: sunglasses, suntan lotion, toiletries, basic medical travelling kit, sun hat or scarf, photo or film equipment and an adequate amount of film, spare batteries, torch, maybe a pocket knife (not in your hand luggage), alarm clock (winding up or battery-powered), stationery, books, passport, sufficient cheques and cash, copies of passport and travel insurance, a list of cheque numbers and the receipt, your travel insurance card with the emergency number, a diary with important addresses and a good travel guide. Plus, a sleeping bag, with or without sheet bag, a towel and, if possible, a battery-powered reading lamp. All this should be packed in an overnight bag or a backpack. Hard suitcases cannot be taken into the safari truck. Additionally, a small rucksack or shoulder bag is handy for carrying everyday hand luggage. To keep valuable papers safe, you are best off purchasing a slim cotton money belt to wear under your clothes. Be sure to have a change of clothes in your hand luggage and to be able to survive 48 hours without the rest of your luggage in case it is carried to Africa indirectly. Keep essentials like the pill, malaria pills, essential medicine, cheques, camera and your toothbrush in your hand luggage. Make sure your luggage is not too heavy. You will not need the maximum weight allowed on the airplane at all: 20 kg. During your trip, you will certainly buy a number of souvenirs, which means you will soon have too much to carry. We advise you to bring a maximum of 13 kg of luggage.