Money South Africa

The amount of pocket money we advise you to take is the minimum amount to pay for your meals, drinks, optional excursions and tips. Of course, what you end up spending depends on you, which is one of the reasons souvenirs are not included. We suggest € 225-250 per week.

Try to avoid bringing too much currency in the form of travellers cheques. Athough these can be exchanged at many hotels and banks in big cities, there will be places that this is not possible.

You are able to make cash withdrawals all over South Africa but do be aware that the power could fail or that there are other causes for ATM’s not to work. That said, it is useful to have a credit card (Visa and / or MasterCard) as a safety net for unforeseen expenses.

It is recommended to wear a money belt underneath you clothes and to keep your eyes open at all times when you are at the ATM’s and or the Exchange. Remember being aware is the best way to prevent fraud and theft.