Safety South Africa

Crime: In the big cities (like Durban and Pretoria) there are a lot of street robberies at night. Do not walk the streets alone after sunset. In the daytime, some care should be taken. Don’t reveal large wads of money, be sure to hide your camera when it is not being used and avoid conspicuous jewellery. Remember that in the eyes of most Africans we are immeasurably wealthy. For example, a camera represents five annual salaries. Never leave anything in your hotel room and always keep an eye on your bag and money belt.

Wildlife: In principal, the many wild animals you will see are not dangerous provided you stick to some basic rules. The first rule is to always promptly do what you are told by the travel guide when he or she senses danger. You can only discuss the matter afterwards.
When you want to go swimming, first ask whether there are crocodiles or hippos in the water, and if the water is free of bilharzia. Always check your shoes before putting them on, as there is a small chance that a scorpion or snake has crawled into them. Keep them in the tent, because hyenas like them too! Sometimes there are groups of baboons that are quite relaxed around people. When eating or preparing food, they can attack. Let the Africans chase them away.