Tipping South Africa

Restaurant and hotel workers do not earn much money. You cannot put an end to poverty in the country, but you can make sure that those who work for you receive a decent tip. Our rule of thumb – if the service has been to your satisfaction – is to tip the equivalent of GBP 0.80 per day per traveller for hotel staff. Use the same amount for the drivers of the vehicles hired by Shoestring. It is practical to keep a tip box for these payments that can be kept in turns by the travellers in consultation with the travel guide. In eating places and restaurants, you can leave a tip of 10% of the bill. Equally, taxi and minibus drivers, guides and service providers in the street will also expect some compensation. Never pay in advance!
Your travel guide also expects to be tipped at the end of the trip if he or she has performed well. Shoestring pays the tour guides a salary that is equivalent to those paid by most other adventure travel organisations, which is low. Again, our guideline is the equivalent of GBP 0.80 or € 1 - € 1.20 per day per traveller.

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