Weather and climate South Africa

Climate: Generally, South Africa is mild and sunny. The country has the highest amount of sun hours in the world. However, the temperatures are rarely very high because three quarters of the land is surrounded by sea, causing the cool air from the ocean to reduce the impact of the sun. As the country is situated below the equator, the seasons are opposite to those in Europe. So when it is summer with us, it is winter in South Africa, which means the temperatures will be a little lower than in summer. Most of the rain falls during their summer, but it is very rare that they last long. Rain and even snow are quite normal in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Drakensberg & Lesotho. During this period (June, July, August) bring enough warm clothes and a raincoat. Even a shawl and a pair of gloves would not be overdoing it.

Best time to travel: The best time to travel largely depends on what you want to see and do. The moderate temperatures make autumn and spring the best time to go on a trekking tour. During the dry season (April-October) you’ll have the best chance to see game, because then the growth of bushes and grasses is less thick and the animals are more likely to gather near artificial drinking places.