Luggage and clothing Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a tropical country. Take thin cotton clothing. A high-collared t-shirt with long sleeves or a thin cotton roll neck sweater is useful in the evening to protect against mosquito bites. It is better to take too little than too much – what you lack can be purchased locally. An umbrella is useful, against rain and bright sunlight. If the sun is high, some headgear or an umbrella is definitely recommended. (It is even more sensible to stay in the shade at these times.) During your stay in Sri Lanka’s central mountain region, it is wise to have a sweater for the evening. A pair of good walking boots and a pair of flip-flops is all you will need. Remember you are expected to enter holy places barefoot. Flip-flops will serve you well. Females would be wise not to wear shorts, unless knee length, except on the beach – they can be seen as inappropriate by islanders. Besides, dresses are cooler. Bring a good pair of sunglasses from home, as they are expensive and hard to find on the island. A scarf or sarong is useful to enter mosques. It is useful to have a small daypack for your camera, jacket etc. Also bring a small first-aid kit and your own medicines if needed.

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