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Country info Syria

  • Background information
  • Culture Syria
    The cultural differences between Europe and Syria are so big that you could write a book about them. The following hints will help you avoid the biggest misunderstandings. Ho
  • Religion Syria
    80% of Syria’s population are Muslims and around 15% are Christians. Most Muslims (70%) are Sunnis, the rest are more fundamentalist Shiites. They include Alawites (Pris
  • Festivals Syria
    Friday is the day of rest. Most shops, government buildings/services and banks are closed (NB: Jews do not work on Saturdays and Christians are free on Sundays). On Fridays yo
  • Food and drinks Syria
    Drinking water: You cannot drink tap water. Buy bottles of purified drinking water, which is safe to drink everywhere. Do verify that the bottles have their original caps. Cok
  • Tipping Syria
    At the more expensive restaurants, the service charge is included in the bill. If this is not the case, then a tip of around 10% is customary. This also applies to taxis, on t
  • Weather and climate Syria
    Climate: The Syrian coast has a Mediterranean climate, and the wind from the sea has a cooling effect. Rainfall is occasional. To the east of the mountains, the weather is muc
  • Population Syria
    90% of Syria’s population are Arab. The number of Bedouin has reduced dramatically in recent years. The government is trying to persuade these nomadic Arabs to put down
  • Landscape Syria
    Syria has been an independent state since 1946, has an area of 71,500 square miles, and is just under 1.5 times the size of England. The country has a 110-mile long coastline
  • Practical information
  • Arrival information Syria
    Take it easy for the first day. Take the time to recover from the flight and get used to the different climate, culture and country. Let it slowly work its magic on you. The m
  • Time differences Syria
    Syrian time runs two hours later than Greenwich Mean Time. This remains during the summer, as it has daylight saving time.
  • Money Syria
    The amount of spending money suggested is the minimum required to pay for your meals, drinks, optional excursions, entrance fees, airport taxes and tips. The amount you actual
  • Luggage and clothing Syria
    The Syrians are generally conservative as far as clothing is concerned, and are not used to the bizarre (in their eyes) way that tourists often dress. Women are better off wea
  • Electricity Syria
    Syria uses 220 volt, 50 hertz alternating current, assuming a power cut is not occurring. This can be particularly characteristic of the Syrian electricity supply. For this re
  • Safety Syria
    In general, Syria is safe for tourists. Most locals are hospitable and friendly. Although theft is not a big problem in this country, it is always sensible to take precau
  • Health Syria
    The following health information applies to all our Middle Eastern holidays (Egypt, Morocco, Syria, Jordan). Travellers to the Middle East who pay some attention to hygiene an
  • Other info Syria
    A visa is required for a European passport holder to travel to Syria .Shoestring does not provide this service. For details and getting a visa, please contact the Syrian embassy in your home country.
  • Information for people at home Syria
    Ensure that those at home know in which country you are and how long you are planning to stay away. You may fix a date when you will contact them again. Making telephone calls
  • Photographs Syria
    You can photograph/film everything in Syria, except military sites (bridges, airports or government buildings) or the police. People generally enjoy being photographed. Howeve
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