Weather and climate Syria

Climate: The Syrian coast has a Mediterranean climate, and the wind from the sea has a cooling effect. Rainfall is occasional. To the east of the mountains, the weather is much drier. The region between Aleppo and Damascus resembles the Asian steppes. This means warm, dry weather in the summer and cool winters. The desert is extremely warm and dry, and temperatures here can rise to 35-40 degrees Celsius in the summer.

Best time to travel: Our spring (April-June) is the best time to visit this part of the world. The temperatures are mild at this time of year and the rain has usually stopped. Furthermore, the flowers are all in bloom and the springs are full of water. September until November (autumn) is also a good time to visit. During our winter months it can be cold and rainy, especially in the mountainous regions, where it also sometimes snows. If you go during the summer (June until August), make sure you have headscarves, sunglasses and a plentiful supply of water. You can expect extreme heat during this period, especially in Palmyra and the northeast of Syria.

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