Tailor Made Holidays: Frequently asked questions

If you still have questions after reading our explanation then please check the frequently asked questions below. Should you have a different question then please contact us at [email protected] or call us on (0031) 020-685 02 03/ (0044) (0)1306 744797.

General questions about tailor made holidays

The Local agent

Can I change my trip or must I book what you offer? How flexible are you?

Our travel offers are very flexible and easy to customize. Want a different hotel, no problem. Want to fly between two cities instead of going by train, simply select your flight directly. And the great thing is that you can see immediately that your change(s) are reflected in the price indication.

And if you want to make a change, add or take out something that you cannot do on our site, this may well be possible too ...simply ask the local agent.

Do you display fully guaranteed prices on the website?

Yes, prices are 100% correct. However, it may be that a hotel is full. In that case, we offer you an alternate hotel at the corresponding price adjustment.

I am a single traveller, can I book a Tailor Made holiday?

Of course! Please keep in mind however that the displayed price indications are based upon 2 people travelling together, therefore your price may differ. Our local partner will soon be in touch!

This sounds too good to be true; flexibility, competitive prices and yet security?

Yes, we are proud of ourselves. Shoestring is an innovative travel company that is always looking for new opportunities. Thanks to our being part of the REWE group (Der Touristik) we have the time, money and opportunity to realize our plans. And you can take advantage!

Why are your offers much cheaper than similar tours of other travel suppliers?

You book directly with our local agent. Expensive office costs in Europe (think of a business premises or the expense of employees) are not generated. This saving is passed directly on to you. It follows, logically that our prices are therefore very competitive.

Why can I not call the Shoestring office to ask questions about my trip?

You must talk directly with the employees of our local agent, we are not aware of the contents of your offer so therefore cannot directly assist with any questions about this. You should direct any questions to our local agent. Of course you can also study our group offers for inspiration!

How do I know that the local agent who organises my trip is reliable?

Shoestring has a network of reliable local agents. We have been working together with many of them for over 10 years. Therefore, we can rely upon their quality and that they will make your trip a success.

How do I contact your local agent?

Very easy! After studying the offer you can then request a quote from our local agent. You will receive an email that gives you access to your personal website (my.shoestring). We don’t have any use for paper! Our agent will make contact with you through the communication function and together with you, compose the trip of your dreams. Every time thereafter that our agent attempts to contact you, you will receive a notification message via email.

Short on time? Then you can also contact our local agent directly by email. You will find the email address listed on the overview page of each destination and it is easy to recognise as it always contains the name ''Shoestring''!

Extra services

Booking and payments

Do you also sell international flights?

No. We recommend that you book through sites like or, which will no doubt be familiar to you. They can arrange your flight at the best price possible. Our specialty is the land arrangement (the hotel and local transportation) which is what you will be arranging with our local agent.

Can I arrange a visa or travel insurance with you?

No, both visas and travel insurance must be arranged independently. Please check the requirements in good time. You can check a website such as this one to give you an indication of whether you will require a visa or not, for a specified destination. To organise your visa, you should either consult your nearest embassy for the relevant country or you could use a travel visa agency such as .

How do I cancel my booking?

Let’s hope that situation does not occur! If you should need to cancel then please contact us as soon as possible with written notification. Our standard cancellation fees are as follows:

Cancellation fees:
- Up to 42 days before departure: 25%(the deposit will not be reimbursed)
- 41 – 28 days before departure: 60% (of the total tour cost)
- 27 – 7 days before departure: 90% (of the total tour cost)
- Less than 7 days before departure: 100% (of the total tour cost)

In the case that local conditions dictate differently, our local agent will communicate this directly to you before booking.

Please remember to take out cancellation insurance. In most cases, you will be able to claim a reimbursement.

Where do I access my invoice and travel documents (such as vouchers)?

Once you have booked, Shoestring will send your invoice by email. Any vouchers/travel documents will be available via your my shoestring account, well before departure.

Will I need to make payment to the bank account of the local agent?

No, you will simply pay your invoice with Shoestring, as normal. Your payment is secure and your trip is guaranteed!

What are the terms of payment?

A deposit of 25% of the full amount due must be paid within 7 days. The full amount must be paid no less than 42 days before departure.