Festivals Tanzania

In Tanzania, both the Christian holidays at Easter and Christmas are celebrated , as is Ramadan (July 20 - August 19 2012), the Muslim Eid (August 19 2012) and the Feast of Sacrifice (26 October 2012). Because the Islamic calendar is based on the lunar year, the holidays shift forward each year. The Eid and other Islamic holidays are celebrated colourfully everywhere in Tanzania, but especially on Zanzibar, where families dress in their Sunday best to participate in the festivities and processions. Not all Muslim holidays are celebrated by other religions and vice versa.

In addition, important national holidays in Tanzania are: Zanzibar Revolution Day (January 12) Creation of the political party CCM (February 5); Union Day (26 April) Labour Day (May 1); Farmers Day (July 7); Peasants day (8 August) and Independence Day (december 9).

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