Weather and climate Tanzania

East Africa is close to the equator. The climate is not split into summer or winter, but is classified in four other seasons. April and May form the rainy season with heavy rainfall. From June to October it is cooler and drier weather with the occasional short rain shower. From november to mid december is the period of the so-called short rains, especially during the night. The rest of the day is alternately cloudy and sunny weather. After the short rains until March it is dry and hot. Because of its location around the equator, the temperature change during the course of the year is small. Depending on the altitude there are huge differences in temperature. At night in the upland areas it is common to fall below freezing, while in the lower parts it can reach 35 ° C during the daytime. Taking a warm sweater and a good windbreaker is necessary.

Best time to travel:
The relatively cool and dry season from June to October and the hot dry period from late December to February are the most favourable. Yet every season has its' charm: after the rain the country is green, the flowers are in bloom and most young animals are born. Thereafter, the savannas are typically golden in colour, and the cats are more easily visible because the long grass is grazed.

There are two rainy seasons in Zanzibar, the long and the short period. The first lasts from March to May, the second lasts from October to December. During the dry periods it can occasionally rain as well. The temperature ranges from 24 to 29 degrees Celsius. The sea breeze can make it a lot cooler however.