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Country info Thailand

  • Background information
  • Culture Thailand
    Europeans behave differently from Thai people in many ways. In fact, you could write an entire book about the differences between these two cultures. The following hints will
  • Religion Thailand
    When you travel through Thailand, you will come into much contact with Buddhism. Monks dressed in their orange robes, nuns, Buddha statues and extravagant Wats (temples) are e
  • Festivals Thailand
    The number of festivals in Thailand is immense. Very sanuk! There always seems to be some festival or other taking place somewhere, especially between November and February. M
  • Food and drinks Thailand
    Food is important for everyone, but it is a very important part of Thai lifestyle. Food is of great social importance, and very sanuk. Thai people have no regular mealtimes; t
  • Tipping Thailand
    For waiters, porters, room attendants, tour bus drivers, taxi drivers and tour guides; tips are a nice bonus to add to their often pitiful wages. Tips can also ensure speedy a
  • Weather and climate Thailand
    Climate: Thailand has a tropical climate, divided into three distinct seasons. In the period from March to May, it is very hot. This is followed by the monsoon season which ex
  • Population Thailand
    The Thai population is just over 65 million. Thailand is a reasonably developed country with big cities and a good infrastructure. The capital, Bangkok is far and away the lar
  • Landscape Thailand
    The Kingdom of Thailand is situated in the centre of Southeast Asia and borders Myanmar and Laos to the north, Cambodia to the south-east and Malaysia to the south. Thailand,
  • Background Info Thailand
    Sculpture, painting and architecture in Thailand are strongly influenced by religion. Sculpture is mainly restricted to Buddha statues. Initially, they were not intended as wo
  • Practical information
  • Arrival information Thailand
    Take it easy on your first day in Thailand. Take the time to recover from the flight and get used to the different climate, culture and country. Let it slowly work its magic o
  • Time differences Thailand
    The time in Thailand is seven hours later than Greenwich Mean Time. There is no daylight savings time, so during our summer period (European Summer Time) the time is six hours later in Thailand.
  • Money Thailand
    The amount of spending money suggested is the minimum required to pay for your meals, drinks, optional excursions, entrance fees, airport taxes and tips. The amount you actual
  • Luggage and clothing Thailand
    Don’t bring too much baggage. Clothing can always be bought cheaply in Thailand and almost every hotel has a laundry service. Thailand is a tropical country, so thin, co
  • Electricity Thailand
    Thailand has 220 volt, 50 hertz alternating current. At least, it does when there isn’t a power cut, which occur quite regularly. The electrical charge can fluctuate gre
  • Safety Thailand
    Theft does occur in Thailand, so keep an eye on your valuables, just as you would in Britain. Money and important documents are best kept in a lightweight money belt worn unde
  • Health Thailand
    The following health information is a general text that applies to all our travellers in Asia. Those who pay some attention to hygiene and skincare don’t usually run int
  • Other info Thailand
    For visitors of many nationalities Thailand offers a free 30-day visa upon arrival. Visitors of certain other countries can apply for a 15 day visa upon arrival and others hav
  • Information for people at home Thailand
    Make sure that those at home know which country you are in and how long you are planning to stay away. You may wish to fix a date when you will contact them again. Provide tho
  • Photographs Thailand
    Thailand is an extraordinarily photogenic country. You can photograph almost anything, with the exception of the interiors of some temples. This is usually clearly displayed o
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