Luggage and clothing Thailand

Don’t bring too much baggage. Clothing can always be bought cheaply in Thailand and almost every hotel has a laundry service. Thailand is a tropical country, so thin, cotton clothing is most pleasant. However don’t walk around with too much bare flesh showing. A sweatshirt can be useful in the cooler evenings, especially in the winter months. All you need for your feet are a pair of good, worn-in walking shoes or hiking boots and a pair of flip flops. Remember that when entering sacred buildings like temples, you must first remove your shoes. Slip-on shoes such as flipflops are useful for such occasions. An umbrella will come in useful as protection against both sun and rain. Further items to protect you against the sun are hats, sunglasses and sun cream with a factor of at least 15. Other important items include swimwear, toiletries, a beach towel, a first-aid kit, a (video)camera and sufficient film, spare batteries, a torch, a pocket-knife (don’t carry this in your hand luggage during the flight!), an alarm clock, writing equipment, books, your (valid) passport, sufficient travellers’ cheques and money, a list with all the numbers of your travellers’ cheques along with the receipt of purchase (store separately from your travellers’ cheques), all relevant travel insurance details and documents, copies of your passport and travel insurance documents, flight tickets, a diary with contact numbers and addresses, a tour guide and the booking papers for this trip. You may also wish to bring a roll of toilet paper and a reading lamp. Furthermore, it is useful to bring enough insect repellent and a T-shirt with long sleeves to restrict mosquito bites. If you participate in the optional hiking trip, it is advisable to bring a sleeping bag. You may wish to hire one once in Thailand. The hire prices are around 200 baht for a winter sleeping bag, 150 baht for a summer sleeping bag and 75 baht for a small mattress or a rucksack.
We ask you to bring a frameless backpack or a strong weekend bag to carry your luggage. Don’t bring a suitcase, as these are very tricky to transport and sometimes you will be required to carry your luggage a long way. Make sure your baggage is not too heavy. We find that 12 kg is the maximum weight for your requirements. Make sure you have a change of clothes in your hand luggage and have everything you need to survive 48 hours without your main luggage, in case of delays in retrieving your luggage at the airport. Make sure, for example, that you carry any pills, medicines and your toothbrush with you in your hand luggage. A small backpack or shoulder back is best for your hand luggage. For the storage of valuables or important documents we advise that you bring a lighweight money belt which you can wear under your clothes.

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