Food and drinks Tibet

The Tibetan Kitchen is closely linked with the extensive and exquisite Chinese cuisine. Due to the often harsh conditions of the people must endure to survive and the limited ability to grow food, the traditional menu is not very varied. Drinks will include yak butter tea (salted tea with yak butter) and chang (beer) - loved! Tsampa, a ground barley, is a staple food,  supplemented with yak meat, yak cheese and yak butter. Thukpa, greasy noodle soup with vegetables and / or meat, is often on the menu. Momos, dumplings, stuffed with vegetables and meat, are generally well appreciated by tourists. While traveling in Tibet we can sample traditional dishes, but there are also many restaurants serving Chinese and Western cuisines. Some Tibetan restaurants in Lhasa are especially for tourists with yak burgers an attraction. International food chains are fortunately still conspicuously absent.

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