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China in 2 weeks

All tours aren’t equal. Certainly not this one through mao’s country! - Trip for singles

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China in 2 weeks

Here you can find the day-to-day description for China in 2 weeks


There's plenty to do in this beautiful region. Select below or on the map opposite, the highlight you want to read more information about. Read through carefully and then go directly to the tour description.
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Beijing, a city with an unbelievable amount of monuments like the Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden city, the Temple of Heaven und the many beautiful city parks. Not far from Beijing, you'll find the Great Wall of China. | China



Stroll through the old imperial China. In Pingyao you'll find old, characteristic merchant houses. A visit of the Shuanglin temple and the house of the Qiao family are interesting as well. The film 'Raise the Red Lantern' was filmed in the latter. Pingyao is listed as world heritage by the UNESCO. | China



Xi’an was the first imperial capital of China and the beginning of the Silk Trail. Go biking on the city walls an visit the mosque, the market and the pagoda of the Great Wild Goose. A sight you surely don't want to miss, is the splendid terracotta army. | China



Walk through the wide rice terraces and meet the ladies of the Zhuang- minority. |China

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

The city of Hong Kong; big, hectic and diverse. There's always something to discover!

Day to Day description

Transport Route Overnight stay
1 Beijing Beijing
2 Beijing Beijing
3 Beijing Beijing
4 Train Beijing - Pingyao Pingyao
5 Pingyao Pingyao
6 Train Pingyao - Xi’an (high speed train) Xi'an
7 Xi'an Xi'an
8 Bus, Train Xi’an - Luoyang - Longmen - Shaolin Temple - Zhengzhou - Guilin Night train to Guilin
9 Bus Guilin - Ping’an (Longji Rice Terraces) Ping’an (Longji Rice Terraces)
10 Bus Ping'an - Yangshuo Yangshuo
11 Yangshuo Yangshuo
12 Bus, Train Yangshuo - Gongchen - Guangzhou - Hong Kong Hong Kong
13 Hong Kong Hong Kong
14 Hong Kong End of tour


Day 1: Beijing

Welcome to China!

Your tour starts in Beijing, where you can use your hotel room from check in time (12.00 hrs at noon) on day 1. Your travel companions will also arrive this first day, the exact time will be depending on their flight schedule. You will meet your English speaking tour leader at 12.00 hrs noon on day 1 in the lobby of your hotel in Beijing.

You will have plenty of free time to explore this wonderful city. Beijing has been the capital of one of the greatest realms in the world for centuries. The tragic memories of Tiananmen Square contrast sharply with its tranquillity now, but a visit to this iconic square is a must. Around it is the Great Hall of the People, the National Museum of China, the Mao Zedong memorial Hall and most importantly, the beautiful Forbidden City.

Day 2: Beijing

Free day. Beijing also features the stunningly ornate Summer Palace situated on the edge of the city and a large marble boat commissioned by the Empress Dowager Cixi for her dinner parties.

In the evening a visit to the Peking Opera and its splendid costumes is a real highlight.

Day 3: Beijing

No trip to Beijing would be complete without a visit to the Great Wall of China itself. Winding through the mountains from the North of Beijing, there are a couple of places where you can climb the wall and admire this massive edifice.

New Day Foster Home

The New Day Foster Home is located in Qingyundian Town, a suburb of Beijing. In addition to taking in orphaned children, the home also takes care of children whose lives are in danger. The project relies largely on the help of volunteers. Shoestring and our local agent support this project with a financial contribution.

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Day 4: Beijing - Pingyao

This morning you have more time to look around Beijing. Another must-see is the Temple of Heaven, built completely without nails and set within a lush park. If you come early enough you will often find it surrounded by people practicing Tai Chi and other martial arts.

In the afternoon you travel by high-speed train from Beijing to the traditional town of Pingyao, listed as an UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.

Day 5: Pingyao

The ancient Chinese town of Pingyao is encircled by imposing town walls with their original gates. In the 19th Century, Pingyao was the financial trading centre of China and the old mansions can still be seen, some have been turned into tearooms and restaurants.

How green can you go? TIP

Your accommodation in Pingyao will be an authentic guesthouse. The rooms are situated around a square courtyard and the style is very traditional, with Kang beds from the North of China. By joining this trip and staying here, the income will help the family who run the guesthouse, continue to do so!

Day 6: Pingyao - Xi’an (high speed train)

Today we travel by high speed train to Xi’an. Escape the tinkling bicycle bells and noisy rickshaws with a visit to the tranquil Shuanglin Temple and see its beautiful yet eerie 2000 clay statues dating from the Song and Yuang dynasties. You could also make an excursion to 'Wangjia Dayuan', the fortress of the Wang Family, which encircles countless beautiful archways and lavishly decorated courtyards and is regularly featured in Chinese movies. In the afternoon we take the night train to Xi’an arriving next morning.

Day 7: Xi'an

The historic city of Xi’an is famed for the Terracotta Army, thousands of man-sized clay soldiers were created to guard the tomb of Emperor Qin Shihuang, who during his reign united China and standardized weights, measures and the written language. Xi’an was also the beginning of the Silk Route, connecting China to the Roman Empire. Caravans transported silk, lacquer ware and spices to the west, and earthenware, glass and fabrics to the east.

In Xi’an you can roam the Islamic area of the city, a lively district with the old mosque in the middle. From the seventh to the ninth centuries Xi’an experienced another ‘Golden Age’ and developed into one of the biggest cities in the world. The 14 kilometre city wall from this period is still largely intact and offers great views.

Sustainable travel

As a responsible company our mission is to increase and improve sustainability in our business. Find out more about the measures that we currently take as well as our further plans to ensure we achieve our green ambitions. Read More

Day 8: Xi’an - Luoyang - Longmen - Shaolin Temple - Zhengzhou - Guilin

In the morning, you will board the high-speed train to Luoyang. You visit the Longmen Caves and the Shaolin Monastery. Later, in the evening, you pick up the night train from Zhengzhou to Guilin.

The 1500-year-old Shaolin Monastery is the birthplace of the world-renowned martial arts form that we know today as Kung Fu. The complex consists of a number of beautiful buildings from the Ming and Qing dynasties. Nowadays, pupils are taught in (Zen-) meditation and the martial arts.

You visit the Buddhist caves of Longmen. The complex includes 2,100 grottoes and niches and over 100,000 Buddhist images and statues and stretches for one km along the west bank of the Yi River. The most impressive monument is the 17 meter high Vairocana Buddha.

Day 9: Guilin - Ping’an (Longji Rice Terraces)

From Guilin Railway Station you drive to the Longji rice terraces, just outside Longsheng. The high hills are completely filled with rice terraces. Beautiful! From Ping'an you can take a nice walk to the Yao and Zhuang villages in the area. Short trips with views across the terraces are easy to undertake independently. If you want to make a longer trip, it is advisable to go with a local guide. Of course, you do not have to do anything and you can just enjoy a good book amidst this beautiful setting.

How green can you go? TIP

You stay in the village of Ping'an in the wooden guesthouse of a local Zhuang family. At a parking lot, the road stops and it takes another fifteen minutes to walk over a stairway to the accommodation. Your luggage can be carried by the locals for a small fee.

Day 10: Ping'an - Yangshuo

After the descent from the Longji rice terraces, you will travel to Yangshuo during your China tour, arriving in the afternoon. You are now in the middle of the world famous karst landscape of South China. The karst mountains rise almost vertically from the paddy fields and the view is interrupted only by bamboo forests and small villages. Depending on the season, you can see the farmers ploughing the fields with their buffaloes, bedding out the rice by hand, or mowing with a sickle.

Day 11: Yangshuo

How green can you go? TIP

Today you are free to explore this distinctive landscape. You can take a beautiful cycling tour in the surrounding area of Yangshuo where local farmers like to show you their village district and house for a small fee, and will invite you in for a meal. You can also enjoy the karst landscape from a boat on the River Li where you can join the local fishermen, as they lure in the fish with bright gas lamps and use trained cormorants to catch them.

In the evening you can opt for a spectacular 'sound and light' show, lasting about one hour. This takes place with the karst mountains as a backdrop. It is directed by Zhang Yimou, who also directed several films alongside the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.

Day 12: Yangshuo - Gongchen - Guangzhou - Hong Kong

Early this morning, we transfer to Gongchen Railway Station, where we take a high speed train to Guangzhou. There we will transfer to the train to Hong Kong, where we arrive in the late afternoon. 

Day 13: Hong Kong

Free day. Hong Kong is an exciting, vibrant city with which to conclude our adventure, a real blend of global cultures. Choose to take the funicular up to Victoria Peak for the unsurpassed views or enjoy a harbour cruise in the famous Star Ferry to see the bright lights from a different perspective. Shop at the Stanley Market and visit the Wan Chai district for a huge choice in delicious cuisines.

What can I do?

Sustainable travel means taking into account the people, nature and culture so that travel remains possible in the future. The negative effects of tourism are increasingly palpable. 'So what can I do?', you may ask. Shoestring gives you 10 tips. Read More

Day 14: Hong Kong

The last day of your tour. You can use your hotel room in Hong Kong until check out time (most times at 12.00 hrs noon). We wish you a comfortable journey home and are sure you will take with you some wonderful memories of China.

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When booking your tour, please check to see whether you need any post-tour nights, bearing in mind that accommodation for the night of the final day of the tour (Day 14) is not included.
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