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China in 2 weeks

All tours aren’t equal. Certainly not this one through mao’s country!

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GROUP SIZE: 6-24 | 14 DAYS

Excursions Intro

During your trip, it is possible to participate in 'single' excursions offered locally by the tour leader. These excursions are optional. To allow you to plan a budget for your trip we have provided you with an idea of the cost of these excursions. These prices are based on the participation of at least 4 participants. They are also based on a price in Chinese Yuan therefore the price below may change due to currency fluctuations. Entrance fees will often change and therefore are excluded from the prices displayed (unless explicitly stated). We display the prices in Euros/GB Pounds/US Dollars. When you are in your destination, it is possible to pay for the excursions in local currency.

€ 27.-

Beijing - Acrobat show (tickets & transfers)

You'll visit the Jinsha theater, one of the top venues in which to still experience the art of acrobatics. Enjoy the show as you feel and hear the extreme effort that goes into the performance. The show lasts about 80 mins.

€ 19.-

Beijing - Beijing Opera (only mid-class tickets)

Visit the cosy Liyuan Theatre to see a traditional Beijing opera being performed. The show lasts approximately one hour and combines music, dance, acrobatics, breathtaking makeup and spectacular costumes. There are stories portrayed in Chinese history and folklore.
€ 30.-

Beijing - Great Wall at Mutianyu and Summer Palace (1 day)

To avoid the masses we leave early in the morning by bus to the Great Wall at Mutianyu. At the end of the morning we drive in about two hours to the Summer Palace where you can admire the "Marble Boat", or just wander around the beautiful gardens.

Includes transportation by private bus, excluding lunch and entrance fees (about 75 yuan, price subject to change).

€ 27.-

Beijing - Kung Fu show (including transfers and entrance)

During this spectacular show you will learn the way that a young monk lives until he becomes worthy of the title of Kung Fu master.

€ 19.-

Pingyao - Tour Wang Jia Dayuan & Shuanglin Temple (transfers only)

We set off by bus to the old aristocratic house of the Wang family. The complex covers an area of ​​250,000 sqm! Then we visit the Shuanglin Temple with more than 2,000 ancient sculptures, mostly from the time of the Ming dynasty.

Entrance fees (around 106 yuan, price subject to change) are not included. This excursion takes about 6 hours.

€ 19.-

Xi'an - Tang Dynasty Show (tickets only)

A spectacular show of an hour with traditional dance, music and singing. Transfers are not included.

€ 23.-

Xi'an - Tour of Terracotta Warriors, Giant wild goose Pagoda and medicine market (transfers only)

You are brought in the morning to visit the spice and medicine markets. Then you drive over one hour to the famous Terracotta Army, where you will stand face to face with the army of Emperor Qin. On the way back you drive via the Giant wild goose Pagoda back to the hotel.

Including: private transfer 
Excluding: entrance fees (about 200 yuan, price subject to change) and lunch are not included. This excursion takes about 6 hours.

€ 19.-

Xi'an - Traditional dumpling meal at Defachang restaurant

Enjoy a local speciality: a filled pastry dish that can be made in many different variations in form and flavour​​. Transfers are not included.

€ 31.-

Yangshuo - Boat tour of karst landscape and cycling in countryside

Cycle to Moon Hill and then take a trip on the Yulon River with a bamboo raft. This excursion includes bicycle rental and bamboo raft tickets (2 persons on a raft); Lunch and entrance fees for Moon Hill, are excluded.

€ 25.-

Yangshuo - Cooking class

You will be picked up at your hotel by your cooking teacher and first pay a visit to the local market. Here you can buy the necessary ingredients together. Then the cooking class takes place and afterwards you enjoy the delicious traditional Chinese dishes that you have learned to prepare. The tour lasts a total of about 4 hours.

Included: transportation, English teacher, cooking class and dinner
Not included: tips
Minimum 4 persons.
€ 28.-

Yangshuo - Cruise on the Li River

At the end of the afternoon you go with a local boat on the Li River for a boat trip through the stunning karst scenery. You can go on a boat with up to four people. Included: boat and transfers.

€ 31.-

Yangshuo - Sound and light show

This spectacular show takes approximately one hour and uses the karst mountains as a backdrop. It is directed by Zhang Yimou, who along with various films, directed the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic games.

This excursion includes transfers and ticket for the show 'Impression Liu Sanjie'. NB: With fewer than 6 participants a 'join in' transfer will be arranged (this may also be with travellers form outside your group).

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