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a rum place? close but no cigar? not this time!

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GROUP SIZE: 9-24 | 13 DAYS


Who would'nt want to visit this swinging country in the Caribbean Sea? When you think of Cuba, you think of salsa, cigars and rum. But the country offers so much more! The Cubans are engaging and friendly people. It seems like music is made on every street corner. Enjoy beautiful colonial towns, lush nature and white sandy beaches with coral reefs. Havana is especially impressive, offering the visitor plenty of museums and a vibrant nightlife. Marvel at the retro 50’s cars, gaze at the monument to the iconic Che Guevara and snorkel to your hearts content on this eclectic paradise. The trip has a relaxed pace and several of the places we stay overnight have hotels with a swimming pool. It's hard not to come back completely enamored with this tropical island!

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