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a rum place? close but no cigar? not this time! - Trip for singles

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GROUP SIZE: 9-24 | 13 DAYS


During your trip, it is possible to participate in 'single' excursions offered locally by the tour leader. These excursions are optional. To allow you to plan a budget for your trip we have provided you with an idea of the cost of these excursions. The price can change due to currency fluctuations. The amounts are therefore only meant to give you an indication of the cost. Entrance fees will often change and therefore are excluded from the prices displayed (unless explicitly stated). We display the prices in Euros/GB Pounds/US Dollars. When you are in your destination, it is possible to pay for the excursions in local currency.

Single excursions

The list below is to give you an idea of the cost of individual excursions. The amounts are based upon the price level at November 2013. These amounts are subject to change and are only meant to give you an indication of the cost. Entrance fees often change, therefore they are not included in the price (unless explicitly stated). On site it is possible to pay for these excursions in the local currency.
€ 25

Havana - Bicycle tour

Discover Havana in a unique way: by bike! The tour takes you along the Prado and Parque Central on the Malecon to Miramar, visit the fruit and vegetable market, the statue of John Lennon (Fidel Castro revealed himself as a great admirer of the Beatles), Cementerio de Colon (full of stories and legends) and Plaza de la Revolucion (where the annual May 1 parades are held and where the Pope celebrated mass).

Price per person valid for a minimum of 10 participants.
€ 25

Havana - driving around in classic cars

Always wanted to drive in an old American car from the 50s? Grab your opportunity: in Havana you can drive around and experience how the real Cuba feels!

Price per person valid for at least three participants. Accompanied by a guide.

Driving time approx. 2 hours

€ 25

Havana - Salsa lessons

Start your holiday with a swinging Salsa lesson and let the Cuban rhythm flow! You will be taught by one of the best dance instructors.

Duration: about 3 hours.
Price per person valid for a minimum of 4 participants.
€ 10

Havana - Visit cigar factory

Experience how the world famous Cuban cigars are made. From the selection of the leaves to the rolling and the quality and packing in one of the famous cigar houses: Partagas, Carl Upmann etc.

Transport not included, price valid at least 6 participants.

€ 25

Havana - Walking tour in old town

A walk through the narrow streets of Old Havana; with beautiful squares such as Plaza de Armas, Plaza de Catedral, Plaza San Francisco and Plaza Vieja; beautiful churches, palaces and colonial buildings. The lunch will be in the restaurant with the best Creole cuisine. Here Ernest Hemingway drank his daily mojito (you too!)

Includes: lunch at La Bodeguita del Medio including mojito
Price per person valid at least 6 participants
€ 10

Santa Clara - City tour

Santa Clara is the city of Che Guevara, the hero of the Revolution. Here he defeated the army of Batista in the last battle. An armored train controlled by dictator Batista was sent to Santa Clara to support his troops. The train was stopped near the station of Santa Clara and after fierce battling, the victory of the revolution was a fact. We also visit the Che Guevara Mausoleum & Museum.
€ 12

Trinidad - City walk

This is a guided tour through the restored old center of Trinidad, founded in 1514, and declared by UNESCO as World Heritage. You'll visit the beautiful Plaza Mayor, the museum Romantico (about how the rich sugar barons lived in the golden age of Trinidad). A visit is also made to the Chanchanchara, a bar and at the same time the name of a drink that is drunk only in Trinidad. The drink consists of honey, ice, lemon, water and brandy wine.

Price per person valid at least 6 participants.
€ 9

Trinidad - Topes de Collantes

Trinidad lies at the foot of the imposing mountain range of Central Cuba: the Escambray. Enjoy the beautiful walk through nature (not too heavy) ending at a waterfall where you can go swimming, bird watching, horse riding or enjoy your food in a restaurant.

Price per person valid at least 6 participants
€ 15

Trinidad - Valle de los Ingenios

The area around Trinidad, Valle de los Ingenios (the area of sugar) was the richest area of Cuba. The many large houses in the area reaffirm the wealth which the owners enjoyed. The harvest was brought in by slaves. You can see the seven-storey tower (some 45 meters high) topped by a watchtower from where the sugar cane plantations can be seen. Castro decided to close more than 70 sugar factories at the end of last century including many in Trinidad. The sad part of this decision was that a year later the price of sugar rose again but Cuba was no longer the major sugar supplier of yesteryear. Price valid per person with a minimum of 8 participants.
€ 30

Viñales - horse riding

Explore this beautiful karst landscape on the Cubans' common method of transport -the horse!

Duration: 2 hours.
Includes: Local guide, horse rental.

€ 6

Viñales - Visit tobacco plantation

Visit one of the plantations and see how the tobacco leaves are dried and fermented before being brought to Havana for cigar production.

Price per person valid at least 6 participants.
€ 10

Viñales - Walking in Valle de Viñales

Guided walk through Viñales along the tobacco fields, fruit plantations and the imposing natural limestone rocks (mogotes) which rise up from the ground.

Price per person valid from a minimum of 6 participants.
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