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Greek Island Hopping

Gems of the Cyclades

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GROUP SIZE: 6-24 | 10 DAYS

Greek Island Hopping

During your trip, it is possible to participate in 'single' excursions offered locally by the tour leader. These excursions are optional. To allow you to plan a budget for your trip we have provided you with an idea of the cost of these excursions. These prices are based on the participation of at least 6 participants. Entrance fees will often change and therefore are excluded from the prices displayed (unless explicitly stated).

€ 25.-

Andros - Sunset yoga

You can participate in a yoga class at sunset in the Blue Bay Hotel on Andros. This yoga class is suitable for all levels and is done under the supervision of a yoga expert. It is a lesson of one and a half hours, during which you get acquainted with the basic techniques of yoga and meditation. Breathe in, breathe out, relax!

For the connoisseurs among us it concerns a Hatha yoga class, with the focus on breathing exercises, deep relaxation and meditation.

Yoga mats are available for this lesson and you will receive a refreshing fruit juice!
€ 55.-

Tinos - the southwest

With this excursion you will explore the western part of Tinos. Driving along the southwestern coastline, several stops are made in artistic villages such as Ysternia, Pyrgos and Panormo. We also recommend that you visit the marble museums in Pyrgos. This excursion includes dinner, which will be organised at sunset in the village of Kardiani. After dinner you will be brought back to your hotel. Entrance fees are not included in the excursion price.
€ 50.-

Tinos - Mykonos

Join this excursion and discover the neighbouring island of Mykonos. This island is only a few minutes by boat from Tinos. The island is small, hilly and is best known for it's iconic windmills. This excursion lasts the entire day. You will leave in the morning and only return to the island of Tinos in the evening.
€ 40.-

Tinos - Volax

A nice excursion during your time on Tinos is a cultural excursion and walking tour in the impressive Volax area. Volax is a small village in the central part of the island of Tinos. The area is known for it's large round grey rocks, the entire environment is not unlike a moonscape. During this excursion you will also learn more about agriculture and nature on the island.