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India & Nepal on a shoestring

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GROUP SIZE: 4-24 | 22 DAYS

India & Nepal on a shoestring

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Tour leader: 10.0
Price/Quality: 10.0
Accommodation: 8.0
Transport: 10.0
Departure date: 13/08/2015
My rating: 8
The excursion prices were a big problem. Think carefully about the prices and whether it is fair to call your company shoestring at those prices!!! I would like to travel with shoestring again next year but i will be put off by the excursions. For me as a young female student though the ease of having my hotels pre booked and vetted, somebody to help me get from place to place and an English speaking guide at a reasonable price is very attractive. I just wish I could participate more by going on the excursions. I worry in a group I will find it hard to make friends as I will not be able to financially keep up with the prices shoestring set. The actual TOUR is very good value for money though i.e. the hotels and transport.

Product.Reviews.Remark: Excursions are for the most part excluded from the booking cost to offer the freedom of choice locally. We display an indication of excursion prices for each tour on the website as well as giving an approximate minimum amount of 'pocket money' to budget for meals, drinks, optional excursions, entrance fees and tips that are not included in the price.
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