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Indonesia: Java & Bali

The emerald of the equator - Trip for singles

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Indonesia: Java & Bali

During your trip, it is possible to participate in 'single' excursions offered locally by the tour leader. These excursions are optional. To allow you to plan a budget for your trip we have provided you with an idea of the cost of these excursions. The price can change due to currency fluctuations. The amounts are therefore only meant to give you an indication of the cost. Entrance fees will often change and therefore are excluded from the prices displayed (unless explicitly stated). We display the prices in Euros/GB Pounds/US Dollars. When you are in your destination, it is possible to pay for the excursions in local currency.

Single excursions

Below is a list of locally offered excursions. The prices are based on the participation of at least 7 participants, and based on a price in Indonesian rupiahs (due to exchange rates the price can sometimes change). Timings are subject to change. Entrance fees are exclusive (unless explicitly stated).

€ 20

Bandung - City tour and Angklung performance

In the morning you will go on a city tour where you will see the historical part of Bandung. You will visit Gedung Sate, the Asia-Africa museum and you will also visit the place where shadow puppets are made.
You arrive back at the hotel at around noon, where you can have lunch (not included), rest or take a dip in the pool.
Enjoy an afternoon performance from a bamboo orchestra, 'Angklung'. A fun show where the audience is involved, making it attractive for the children.

Excursion Schedule (subject to change and in consultation with the tour leader):
8:30 am: Departure from the hotel
9.30: Visit Gedung Sate, the Asia-Africa museum and puppet maker
12.00: Arrival back at hotel
14:45: Departure to Angklung performance
15:30 to 17:00: Angklung presentation
18.00: Back at the hotel

Included: Angklung performance
Not included: tips, drinks
€ 18

Bromo - Sunrise Bromo volcano

Early in the morning you'll drive in jeeps to a viewpoint, where you have a beautiful sight of the sunrise over the Bromo volcano and surrounding sea and ​​sand. Then you drive the jeep into the crater, through sea and ​​sand to Bromo. You can go to the craters' rim of Mount Bromo and see the yellow sulphur vapours rising from the center. The jeeps returns through the sea and sand to your hotel.

Excursion schedule:
04:00 am: Depart from hotel
8:00 am: Back at the hotel

Note: If the Bromo is still active the excursion may differ depending on the circumstances. Your tour guide will tell you what the alternative is.

Included: Transport by jeep
Not included: Entrance fee, gratuity

€ 54

Cipanas / Garut - Papandayan volcano

Early morning drive to the still active but less visited Papandayan volcano (2622 m). This volcano had an eruption in 2002. You'll be led by a local guide on a walk to the volcano crater where you can see a green crater lake. What you see and hear is indescribable. Several holes in the ground are spraying hot steam up, there's bubbling mud and you see the yellow sulphur fumes. It is like being on a far away, different planet. At the end of the morning you'll return to Cipanas / Garut.

Excursion schedule:
07. 00 hours: Depart from hotel
12:00 hours: Arrival in Garut where the journey to Pangandaran will begin.

Including the entry fee, English speaking guide, transportation
Not included: gratuity

€ 21

Lembongan - Snorkel Trip

Around Lembongan Island are some beautiful snorkelling spots which you can reach by boat. Snorkelling is straight from the boat into deep water, not from a sandy beach. This excursion takes you to two different snorkelling spots. Price based on participation of seven people.

Included: transportation, snorkel gear
Excluded: tips, drinks
€ 22

Pangandaran - Green Canyon

You drive by a few 'home-factories' where you will see the manufacture of crackers, palm sugar and shadow puppets. Then drive to the Green Canyon, a narrow high canyon carved by the river. Here you are guided by canoe. Eventually you can go swimming among the surrounding lush vegetation.

Excursion Schedule (subject to change and in consultation with the tour leader):
08:00 am: Depart from hotel
12:00: Back at the hotel

Included: entry fee, English speaking guide, transportation, boat trip in Green Canyon
Not included: tips
€ 19

Ubud - Dinner with local family

Before having dinner you get a tour of the house and the surrounds. You see that more than one family is living here, each with its own sleeping quarters. Several buildings are built according to religious guidelines. Thus, the direction is determined by the location of Gunung Agung, the Hindu Balinese 'Holy Mountain'. In the yard is a shrine from where offerings are made to the gods. Your host can tell you more about this. Balinese dinner can be combined with a visit to a small shrine carved into the rock, dating back to the 11th century. During this excursion you will learn a lot about the Balinese culture.

For dinner, it is useful to adopt the Balinese style, sitting on the floor. You can choose to eat with your hands, like the Balinese. Your meal is freshly prepared in the kitchen and usually consists of soup, vegetables, beans and chicken. 'Selamat makan! "

The price mentioned is based on a minimum of 7 participants.

Included: dinner, visiting temple Candi Tebing, transport
Excluded: drinks

€ 17

Ubud cycling

In the morning you get on your bike and you'll ride from the hotel to a Balinese family to see how people there live. We walk through the rice fields a little, and with luck we can see how the rice is planted or harvested. Then we cycle to the small village and drive through the beautiful rice fields near Ubud back to the hotel where you arrive in the afternoon. You're on the road about three hours. Please note that there are a few steep climbs in this tour.

Excursion schedule:
9:00 am: Depart from hotel
12:00 pm: Back at the hotel

Included: bicycle, English speaking guide
Not included: gratuity

€ 22

Wonosobo - Dieng Plateau

In the early morning you drive to the cool Wonosobo Dieng plateau, at over 2000 meters in altitude. The plateau has long been a holy place. Here once stood hundreds of temples (built around the eighth century), but only a few ruins are now left. During the scenic drive up, witness daily life in the villages and the fields, before landing on the famous plateau. It is a landscape with a magical atmosphere, especially when the morning fog clears, with hissing and bubbling mud pools, crater lakes and hot springs. You can walk to temples, colourful lakes and fumaroles (vents in the crust where gases and vapours escape). At the end of the morning you'll drive back to Wonosobo.

6:30 am: Depart from hotel - 1 hour drive
07:30 am: Sightseeing Dieng temples and plateau.
9:30 am: Return to hotel
11:00: Back at the hotel and then departure to Yogyakarta

Included: transportation, entrance fees, English speaking guide
Not included: gratuity

€ 19

Yogyakarta - City Tour

Transport today is by becak, the popular bicycle/taxi in the city. You are driven to visit the Sultans' Palace or Kraton, accompanied by a guide who will give you a tour. Then visit a silver and a batik workshop. Of course you also look at the Water Palace. Then we will bring you to the shopping Malioboro, where you can freely walk around.

Excursion schedule:
8:00 am: Depart from hotel
14:00: Back at the hotel

Included: transport by becak, entrance fees, English speaking guide
Not included: gratuities, lunch, drinks

€ 16

Yogyakarta - Fun evening out with the locals

A night out with the local youth! You start with a walk from Jalan Prawirotaman to the town square Alun Alun. Here a local guide will tell you about the history of the square and then you sit among the local people where you can try new snacks from local shops. You make a trip around the square on a colourful becak and can join in with the game Mesangin. This evening you will have lots of fun and insight into the local culture.

Excursion schedule (subject to change):
18:00 pm: Hike to the square Alun Alun
18:20 pm: Games, food and drink
20.00: Walk back to Jalan Prawirotaman

Includes: Non-alcoholic beverage, round in a becak, games on the square
Excluded: tips, other drinks
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