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The land of the rising sun

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GROUP SIZE: 8-20 | 13 DAYS

Excursions Intro

Below is a list of locally offered excursions. The prices are based on the participation of a minimum of 6 participants, and based on a price in Japanese Yen (due to exchange rates the price can sometimes change). Entrance fees are exclusive (unless explicitly stated). All excursions are carried out by public transport (Japanese public transport is unique in the world).

€ 12.-

Kurashiki - Kibi Plain tour

Ride a local train to Soja, where you can rent a bicycle to explore the Kibi Plain. Once through the village, you can easily follow the cycle path. The route leads through rice fields, along rivers and small hills. Along the route there are two sanctuaries to see: the Kokubun-ji Temple and the Kibitsu-Jinja Shrine, where you can take a break with the local monks. After cycling, you can take the train to Okayama and visit the landscape garden Koraku-en.

Included: return train ticket Kurashiki - Soja (480 yen), bike rental (1000 yen)
Excluded: meals, drinks, tips
€ 44.-

Kurashiki - Naoshima tour

The island of Naoshima is the destination of this optional excursion from Kurashiki. Mr. Fukutake, the wealthy director of publisher Benesse in Okayama, chose this island in the Seto Inland Sea to realize his lifelong dream. The 'Benesse Art Site' is a symphony of nature, art and architecture. The museums on the south coast of the island are world class. The Art House Project, in which domestic and foreign artists were let loose on vacant houses, has been very well received.

Included: return train ticket Kurashiki - Uno (2300 yen), return ferry ticket Uno - Naoshima (560 yen), bicycle rental (300 yen), Art House Project (1030 yen), Benesse Museum (1030 yen)
Excluded: meals, drinks, tips
€ 21.-

Kyoto - Nara tour

The temples and shrines of Nara are widely regarded as the cradle of Japanese culture. After all, Nara was once capital of Japan, from 710 to 794, before Kyoto. This was a time of heavy Chinese influence. This can be seen in the street plan, which is based on that of the ancient Chinese capital of Xi'an but also in the many Buddhist temples that are found in and around the city. The city park Nara-kun is home to some of Japan's most important historical buildings such as the fairy tale-like Kasuga-taisha shrines, the Todai-ji Temple (the largest wooden building in the world with a 16-meter-high bronze Buddha statue inside) and the Kofuku-ji temple (with two elegant pagodas on the temple grounds).

Included: return train ticket Kyoto - Nara (1500 yen), entrance fees Todai-ji (500 yen), Kasuga Taisha (500 yen)

Not included: meals, drinks, tips

€ 26.-

Kyoto sightseeing

During your time in Kyoto, you have the opportunity to go on a bus tour through the city. Visit classic temples like the Kinkanku-ji (Golden Temple) and the Ryoan-ji (the famous Zen garden). Visit Nijo-jo Shogun Castle and Sanjusangen-do (with the 1001 Buddha statues) and enjoy a cup of green tea in the peace and harmony of the Toji-in temple gardens.

Included: day card for city bus (500 yen), entrance fees Kinkaju (400 yen), Ryoan-ji (500 yen), Nijo-jo (600 yen), Sanjusangen-do (600 yen), Toji-in temple (500 yen).

Not included: meals, drinks, tips

€ 140.-

Shinkansen (bullet train) Kyoto to Tokyo (book at time of reservation)

On transfer day from Kyoto to Tokyo you normally travel with a so-called ''highway bus''. This takes about 8 hours and is a ride of approx. 500 kms. If you prefer to arrive much more quickly into Tokyo then the Shinkansen or bullet train is for you. We can offer it at an affordable price and instead the journey takes only about 2 hours. The sending of your luggage (1 piece per person) to the hotel in Tokyo by express-mail, is also included.

You should book this excursion at time of making your trip reservation.

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