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The celluloid footsteps of lawrence of arabia - Trip for singles

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Here you can find the day-to-day description for Jordan


There's plenty to do in this beautiful region. Select below or on the map opposite, the highlight you want to read more information about. Read through carefully and then go directly to the tour description.
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Discover the museums, ancient ruins and impressive desert castles in Amman, that are witnesses to a long-lost past, from late Greek to early Islamist.



Petra, a magical combination of scenery and architecture. This mysterious city was cut out of the rocks for a part and is accessible via a small canyon.

Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum

In Jordan's Southwest you'll find the desert region called Wadi Rum. A valley with limestone and granite walls consisting of 5 main wadis surrounded by sand plains.



Discover the Red Sea with its colourful coral reefs. The desert area and the city are worth a visit as well.



In the small city Ajlun you'll find a castle called Qala'at Rabad. The way leading there is especially beautiful and leads you along lovely fir tree forests olive tree fields. A place full of history.

Day to Day description

Transport Route Overnight stay
1 Amman Amman
2 Bus Amman / Excursion Jerash and Dead Sea Amman
3 Bus Amman - Madaba - Mount Nebo - Kerak - Petra Petra
4 Petra Petra
5 Bus Petra – Wadi Rum Wadi Rum
6 Bus Wadi Rum – Aqaba Aqaba
7 Aqaba Aqaba
8 Bus Aqaba - Amman End of tour - Amman


Day 1: Amman

Welcome to Jordan!

Your tour starts in Amman, where you can use your hotel room from check in time (12.00 hrs at noon) on day 1. Most of your travel companions will arrive later this first day, the exact time will be depending on their flight schedule. You will meet your English speaking tour leader at 8.00 hrs A.M. on day 2 in the lobby of your hotel.

Built on seven hills, Amman is a city full of atmosphere, teahouses, shisha pipes and museums. Be sure to visit the Roman amphitheatre and the citadel.

Day 2: Amman / Excursion Jerash and Dead Sea

Today you will be able to make an optional excursion to Jerash and the Dead Sea.

Jerash was destroyed in 78 BC and rebuilt by the Romans. There are plenty of beautiful sights including the perfect colonnade, Hadrian's Arch and the temple dedicated to Artemis. The city has survived exceptionally intact and it doesn’t take much effort to imagine Roman street-life as it must have been. The Dead Sea contains 30% salt to water so you will stay afloat without effort, a strange but highly enjoyable experience. You can also undergo "health treatment," whereby you will be rubbed from head to toe with wholesome mud, which dries slowly in the sun.

Day 3: Amman - Madaba - Mount Nebo - Kerak - Petra

We visit Madaba, famous for its floor mosaics and its sixth-century Greek Orthodox church of Saint Gregory before moving onto the nearby mountain of Nebo with its monastic ruins, where Moses looked out over the Promised Land.

We then continue to the ruins of the ancient city of Petra, the route passes along the beautiful old King’s Highway, which runs through Jordan’s highlands. On the way we pass the Wadi al-Mujib Gully, which offers one of the most magnificent panoramic views in the country. If time permits we also stop at Kerak on the old caravan route from Egypt to Syria, used during the time of the biblical kings and later by both ancient Greeks and then the Romans. The Crusaders put the city back on the map when they built an enormous stronghold here.

We arrive in the world-famous city of Petra in the evening.

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Day 4: Petra

Travel to the world-famous, spellbinding city of Petra and take an optional excursion to the excavations of Petra, cut out of the pink-red rocks by the Nabataeans in the fourth century BC. It is the ancient capital of the small but once-powerful Nabataean state, after being conquered by the Romans the city fell into decline, completely hidden in the mountains and known only to the local Bedouin until 1812 when the Swiss art historian Burckhardt discovered the city.

The road to the heart of Petra can only be made on foot or horseback. It leads through a crevice, the Siq, which goes on and on and gets ever narrower. Finally you reach the first of more than a hundred temples, monasteries, tombs and other buildings cut out of the rocks. You have all day to look round this beautiful site and take in the breathtaking view of the Wadi Araba. The colourful rock formations make Petra into a unique place of interest, where you can still feel alone in a magical world despite the ever growing numbers of visitors.

You can visit Petra as part of an optional excursion which is organised by the tour leader or you are free to visit it by yourself. If you visit Petra with the group, you must use a local guide. These costs are not included in the ticket price. If you decide to go on your own, you cannot use the service that the tour leader arranges to Petra (for the group). This sounds a bit childish, but a local tour leader can lose his license if there are people in the bus that are not going inside 'as a group'. Naturally, this is something we do not want to happen!

Day 5: Petra – Wadi Rum

We drive to Wadi Rum, the desert region renowned for its splendid high rock formations in many changing pastel colours and the location for part of the legendary movie Lawrence of Arabia. Ancient inscriptions can be found in the rocks and the real Bedouin among us can visit the most beautiful parts of Wadi Rum by camel or Jeep (optional).

How green can you go? TIP

You will spend the night in a simple desert camp; You do not need to take a sleeping bag or sleeping mat because there are mattresses and blankets provided. A sleeping bag liner is handy, because the blankets can be a little musty. Dinner is included this evening.

Day 6: Wadi Rum – Aqaba

In Aqaba take a refreshing dive in the Red Sea, sunbathe on the beach, rent a snorkel and mask or diving equipment and even take diving lessons. The Red Sea is famous for its beautiful coral reefs and enormous variety of tropical fish, so don’t miss out.

At the end of the day, stroll along the boulevard or drink tea in the park with the locals, followed by dinner in one of the many seafood restaurants in town.

Day 7: Aqaba

Today you can continue to enjoy the beach and join any water based activities, if you so wish. Another very popular attraction is the Turkish Bath (Hamam) built in 306AD, in which locals and visitors alike come to unwind at the close of an long sweltering day.

Your room is booked for this evening at your hotel in Aqaba. The group will transfer back to Amman airport tonight for the return flight home. You can join this transfer however please check with us first to make sure your departure flight from Amman is suitable.

Day 8: Aqaba - Amman

The last day of your tour. We wish you a comfortable journey home and are sure you will take with you some wonderful memories of Jordan.

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When booking your tour, please check to see whether you need any post-tour nights, bearing in mind that accommodation for the night of the final day of the tour (day 8) is not included.

Please note that groups of fewer than 8 people will have a combined driver/guide and that groups of 8 and more will have a driver and a separate English-speaking tour leader.

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