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Mountain lakes, eagles and nomads - Trip for singles

Book From   € 999,-
GROUP SIZE: 6-22 | 15 DAYS

Frequently asked questions

1. Can I pre-book transfers and extra nights?

Yes, you have the option to pre-book airport transfers (arrival only) and secondly the option to pre-book pre and post tour nights. These extra services should be added to your booking.

2. What about my passport?

You need a passport that is valid at least 6 months at the date of departure. You are responsible for having a valid passport and visa when you travel.

3. Do I need a visa?

You are responsible for having a valid passport and visa when you travel. Please check the embassy if you need a visa for Kyrgyzstan and check out the current situation right here. Make sure you inquire at least a month before departure so that you do not run into time problems. The current advice is that a visa is not required for UK/EU passport holders to enter Kyrgyzstan.

4. Do I need vaccinations or malaria tablets?

Please click here for questions regarding vaccinations or malaria tablets for this country and contact after your local practitioner or a specialised health centre and make an appointment to get your shots and pills. Please make sure that you allow at least six weeks for a full program. People who already have had a few shots might do with two weeks. You are responsible for having the right protection when going on tour.

5. What is the recommended currency for Kyrgyzstan?

The currency of Kyrgyzstan is the Kyrgyz Som (16/1/2014 1 Euro = 67.72 KGS). There are ATMs available in Bishkek but few available in lesser cities. You can exchange foreign currency in banks where US Dollars are the most readily accepted and larger, better condition notes are preferred.

6. What is the time difference?

Please check the World Clock in order to find out the exact time difference.

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