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Unique flora and fauna!

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GROUP SIZE: 8-18 | 20 DAYS


Madagascar is one of the biggest islands in the world and the people are very warm. It is often described as a mix of Africa's intense colours with the mysteries of Asia. With its unparalleled flora and fauna, Madagascar is like a continent in itself. During your tour of Madagascar, enter into the fascinating world of lemurs, chameleons, baobabs and orchids. The indri, endearing lemurs with big eyes, can only be found in Madagascar. Isalo N.P. is dominated by narrow ravines and rocks sculpted by wind and water. The beautifully located Ranomafana is one of the most pleasant places of the country, with friendly people and many hot springs. Ifaty offers relaxation aplenty, where you can rent a boat to the reef and snorkel or dive. The boat trip on the "Canal des Pangalanes" is one of the highlights of this wonderful Madagascar group trip!

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