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Unique flora and fauna!

Book from € 999.-
GROUP SIZE: 8-18 | 20 DAYS


€ 7.-

Baobab Park / Spiny Forest Ifaty

The cost for this excursion includes transport and access to the Spiny Forest.
€ 10.-

Entrance fees to National Parks

All National Parks are applying the same entrance price of € 10. This excludes the cost of a local guide. These depend on the group size and amount to € 3 pp.
Prices apply to Ranomafana NP, Isalo NP and Perinet NP.
€ 5.-

Entrance fees to private parks

Smaller game parks charge an entrance fee of € 5 per person. The price of the guide is about € 3 per person.
These prices shall apply to Anja park and Zombitse NP.
€ 6.-

Evening walk in National Parks

This will be carried out by local guides from the National Park.
Not all evening walks will go inside the National Parks but sometimes stay on the edge of the Park where many animals, especially nocturnal animals such as the mouse lemur and chameleons dwell.
€ 3.-

Guides in National Parks per walk (price per person)

€ 50.-

Ifaty - diving (price per dive)

€ 8.-

Ifaty - Snorkelling

€ 40.-

Ifaty - Whale excursion

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