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Southern Africa over 3 weeks

go rock the cradle of civilisation! - Trip for singles

Book From   € 1,499,-
GROUP SIZE: 6-20 | 21 DAYS


Are you interested in what past travellers have to say about this trip? Read their scores and comments below, submitted through the "Welcome Home Survey" that all travellers receive after the conclusion of their trip.

Please note that Shoestring tours also operate from the Netherlands where packages can also include international flights and itineraries can vary slightly (in terms of numbers of days) as a result.
Total score:
22 respondents

Rated by travellers

Tour leader: 7.7
Price/Quality: 9.1
Accommodation: 6.2
Transport: 6.7
Departure date: 13/03/2015
My rating: 7
Traveller :
Even though this was a bus tour, it would help if the campsites were closer to the towns. Seemed like we spent more time on the road than on the site. Arrived, set up the tent, ate dinner, slept, woke up, took down the tent, breakfast, on the road again. Day in day out
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